Tuesday, October 22, 2013

寻u忧先 finding you filming process

Excited! Was invited to participate in the final episode for 寻u忧先 finding you
First time on TV Variety.
Let you in on a secret: My wish is to be on a reality show once in my life.
Programs considered:
Maybe Asia Amazing Race (But need to take probably 3 -6 months of leave - that might be difficult)
Maybe Asia Apprentice
Maybe The Dating Challenge (E.g. on Click Network kind)
Maybe Asia Top Model (Not that I have the 'goods' but well, makeup work wonders right. And I believe I should be good at posing)
Maybe Asia Runway (Ok. Maybe not. I only know basic sewing haha)

Here's the happenings behind the scenes......

1. In preparation. Angle.
2. Us participants in war-like stance
Making sure the color, the angle, the height, the spacing and all - was good for camera/video shot
OK. I felt like a star then with everyone taking video and the public also taking photos of us.
3. Trying to tie the balloon in the fastest timing.
Nah. Just putting it on. Haha.
4. And the stars appeared In such cute attire.

5. Our Second game. Blue team!
It was really a very hot day and they had to squeeze themselves in that ball like thing.
And play soccer in that. Poor things. But they all very jian qiang. Say no problem.
6. Final Game
Now they have to be rolled around. If its me, I might really puke.
But they. Solid.
With the human obstacles struggle.
Giving their all!

To this extent.
And they did it *Shh. Can say anot? 3-4 times.* 

Who says variety stars life is easy. Yet they never even complain.
Such good sports! Made me see them in another light.
Jia You!

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