Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Revised taxi fares Singapore

For my dear friends who sits cab all the time but does not like to read the newspaper. Here you go :)

So the solution is ....
Set aside more money for cab or sit the bus :) or try and pool people to sit the cab with you :) cheers :)

And for the article that says it should reduce rental rates rather than revise taxi fares to meet rising cost. I am back to griping how every consumer is whining about cost and how companies are unable to whine about a tightening of profits. Don't forget that our salaries are paid by the companies and the lower the profit the lower bonus so it's a cycle.

Violence - not a solution!

Some many cases of violence nowadays. What is happening in Singapore? What is happening to the youth? Is it so difficult to control anger ? To lead to a loss of life and a loss of family member? What is the solution? Education in school? Is that sufficient? Where peer pressure is so strong and to fight back helps create an identity of power?

Monday, December 5, 2011

Volunteer appreciation 2011

Grateful to be invited to the volunteer appreciation session - for it open my eyes to see that there are people who has been volunteering for 35 years. Amazing right :)
And the message that day was enlightening: we might not be all doing the same thing but the different agencies and volunteers work together to create the song. No one sees what you are doing but the impact is tremendous. Quietly supporting people who are in need. Protection of families and people. Believing in the cause. Comes from the heart.

You know you can make the diffrence: you light up my life song- dreams are the seed of change - seed of hope love and dream. Eg probational guy drop out since sec 3 motivate him step out of comfort zone and move forward.

Sowing of the seeds impact not just one but generations to come planting the seed not grown or trees that went their own way - do not be discouraged. We Also benefit from the seeds planted along the way.

Nowadays there is many schemes. She shared on helping mother at store - completely exhausted wake up 430am going to school was a relief allow one to sleep - Saturday and Sunday. I am sure you are capable of better things move up to the front ; people show that they care works wonders. You do not need to do big things small things matter. Inspire and motivate.

As civil service alone will not be able to run as much without the volunteer support. When love takes you in everything changes ---

If you can't feed a thousand people feed one.
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