Sunday, March 18, 2012

Make It Right For A Better Ride!

First and foremost, having traveled to so many different countries and experience their transport system, Singapore transport system is the BEST.
You can go anywhere and everywhere at such efficient speed.
You can identify the stations because it has all 4 languages for it on the transport map.
You can chill and relax in the train without any fear of safety. ( No / nearly No pick-pocketing, snatch, Theft )
You can feel the coolness in the air once you enter. (I still remember my experience in India where their trains are without air-con and people are body to body, nearly mouth to mouth)
You can afford the fare. ( I still remember paying close to $3 for just 2 stops in Japan)
You have alternative transport provided during breakdowns or delays. ( In other countries, you have to settle it on your own. Taxi or whatsoever. No help! So why not say " thank you" rather than keep complaining how alternative transport so slow etc)
Ask around to all the tourist and you will often get praises for it. So why do we still complain and how can we make it better?

Sights that caught my eye recently and make me think deeply of our current generation including myself
People 'sleeping' or ' playing their games' while sitting in the spot for elderly and pregnant
" Get up young men/ women - I also mean middle-aged! Can't you see that frail looking elderly standing there. With their wrinkled hands holding onto the bar, and their legs probably tired from slight walking? OR that pregnant lady trying to balance herself ? Give up your seat pleaseeeeee!"
People rushing in ( even when there is a lady with her pram trying to go in)
" Stop pushing! Let the lady in first! Goodness me!"

People not queuing and cutting in the center when the train comes
" Can't you see the queue? No wonder we have to draw arrows on the ground. Its for people like you who do not know manners."

A kind deed goes a long way. Giving up your seat. Letting people go first. Give support to a person when he /she loses his balance in the train. Tell a tourist the right direction to go to his/her destination. Give a smile to someone.

Join the “Make It Right For A Better Ride” Twitter contest and stand to win a pair of movie tickets! More details on

'Connecting Girls, Inspiring Futures'

I am going! Are you? RSVP by TODAY! 17 March 2012.

In conjunction with International Women's Day, YWLC celebrates with an event: Get Inspired -On this Wednesday 21st March 2012.

Date: 21st March 2012 (Wednesday)
Time: 6.15 - 9.30 pm
Venue: UBS AG - Level 49, One Raffles Quay, North Tower

The evening forum will be centered on the IWD theme of 'Connecting Girls, Inspiring Futures'. Take this rare opportunity to get up close and personal with 9 successful women leaders and rising stars, who will share on how we can be inspired to 'create' new opportunities, 'change' things for the better and 'choose' different paths in life.

The speakers include Madam Halimah Yacob, Minister of State, Ministry of Community Development, Youth and Sports; Ms Jessica Tan, Managing Director of Microsoft Singapore; Mrs Yeong Phick Fui, Managing Director & Senior Advisor, Vice Chairman's Office, UBS Wealth Management and Swiss Bank; Ms Jean Yip, founder of the Jean Yip Group and 2 very interesting entrepreneurs Ms Rachel Lim Co-founder of Love Bonito and Ms Elfaine Tan, Founder of Sample Shop.

You can register your interest via their registration form .

For any queries, do email .

For more details on the programme, go to their website :)

Friday, March 16, 2012

Boutique hostels! Love!

Hostels in our own homeland :) looks great :) just like the many personalized cafes sprucing up- love the ideas and atmosphere. Love the architecture! Love!

Monday, March 12, 2012

Project Inspire 2012 is BACK!

Project Inspire 2012 is BACK!

For more info on the 2011 version and its winners, refer to the previous post

Project Inspire: 5 minutes to change the world’ aims to engage tomorrow’s leaders and helps them realize their visions of a better world through opportunities for women and girls, and in doing so inspire others. Project Inspire is jointly organised by the Singapore Committee for UN Women and Mastercard, with support from INSEAD.

What then is Project Inspire about? It presents 18-35 year olds with a 5-minute platform via a video or a written pitch to articulate their inspired idea to the world and win a US$25,000 grant to make their idea a reality. The grant will be used to bring to life the winning idea and empower disadvantaged women or children in Asia/Pacific, Middle East and Africa through education, skills training, financial inclusion or social entrepreneurship.

Changing the world…in 5 minutes: about Project Inspire

How you can support them
Volunteer With them!
They are currently recruiting volunteers to research and build a list of contacts at non-profit organisations around the region, so that they can spread the word about Project Inspire. (Very good for those who wants to volunteer but am unable to go away)

Spread the word about this opportunity, AND email them at by 23 March, 2012 to volunteer. For questions on Project Inspire, please email them at

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Inspiring newspaper articles today - Offering a helping hand - anytime;anywhere

What I am also looking forward to create - a business that gives back to the community . And each time when I see or hear entrepreneurs giving back to the society or donating to the needy - I am so thankful. Though they cannot spare the time, they give by kind or provides avenues for their customers to also do so.

And for youngsters who have begin taking on an active role since young. Such exemplary models. Though I just hope there are also some from lesser well known schools. But still many claps:

And for those who can spare the time. Which is what I plan to do when I retire. Cheers for your hard work and planting the seeds. Though you may not be able to see the immediate fruits I am sure the slum children or the needy have felt your care somehow and if you manage to 'save' one from a hundred. It's still a major difference when you think of the many generations down the road. Keep that faith ! Cheers!

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