Monday, February 18, 2013

Happy 6th Birthday Nuffnang :)

I truly think its for me! Just when I was thinking what to do next Wednesday 27.02.2013 my only free day, this appears! And making this present ever better, is of course blogging about why I love Nuffnang. How can I not, when its the medium that introduced me to the wonders of blogging.

In the past, I've always used notes on facebook to share my thoughts and sometime notes on my handphone. Before I realize about blogging. A place to share my interest, my thoughts, my opinions, my joy, my sadness across a range of activities that include food, products, locations, causes, issues and more.

First of all, want to say a BIG THANK YOU to Nuffnang for the blogger friends that you have brought into my life that blossom into great friendships.  Nuffnang provided me with the opportunity to meet up with the whole community of bloggers, go to events together, socialize, do random things and support the brands that I love.

Some of the awesome events that I'll never forget.

My first event : Whisper - Where we had the chance to be pampered as bloggers. Massage, manicure and pedicure, Photo taking like a model and fun games. Most importantly, to gather together as bloggers doing things that we like - taking photo, reviewing products and socializing.

Overseas Event: 2D1N @ Genting 
We had an amazing time taking photos of food , activities and more CRAZY random things such as dancing to Gangnam style at the hotel lobby. Bloggers truly have limitless energy and ideas.

@Snow World


@Posing for camera

My most recent event: Create your own style with Swarovski
Reminded me why I love DIY. Makes you treasure the item more. And its your piece. Love!

And the chance to participate in new products of the brands I'm fond of and have interest in.
E.g my recent review Nikon Camera

Exclusive movie screenings

I'm still yearning for a chance to do more random things! haha.

With all this said! "I want to be part of Nuffnang’s 6th Birthday Bash at Ballymoons
What a better way to spend my Wednesday evening with Fellow Nuffnang Bloggers.

I'm gonna go for retro! Either Polka Dots or Rainbow stripes.

Details of Nuffnang Birthday Bash:
Date: 27th February 2013, Wednesday
Venue: Ballymoons Spirits Bar (
442 Orchard Road #01-06/08, Orchard Hotel Shopping Arcade, Singapore 238879)
Time: 7-10pm
Dress Code:  Sixties – Think retro, psychedelic prints, highlighter colours and mismatch patterns, bell-bottom, tie-dye etc. (In line with our sixth birthday)
Wanna join us bloggers?
Click here


Wednesday, February 13, 2013

One Billion Rising - Say NO to Violence

On the eve of Valentine this year, I'm glad I joined in the cause of One Billion Rising in Singapore. It was held yesterday on Feb 13 at 8 pm at Clarke Quay Central Fountain. The main message was "SAY NO to violence against women and girls!"

Today, on the planet, a billion women – one of every three women on the planet – will be raped or beaten in her lifetime. That’s ONE BILLION mothers, daughters, sisters, partners, and friends violated. The invitation was to all men and women in Singapore to support these one billion women and those who love them to walk out, DANCE, RISE UP, AND DEMAND an end to this violence. One Billion Rising is a promise that we will rise up with women and men worldwide to say, "Enough! The violence ends now."HERE’S HOW YOU CAN START A RISING.

Witnessing the flash mob that happened, it evoked such heartfelt emotions in me. Standing together as one -

Volunteering at welfare organizations, I have seen how violence do happen in Singapore. Though unseen, it happens.Domestic Violence by beating (Physical). Verbal violence by insulting / Bullying in Youth Violence (Psychological). Sexual Assault by forcing (Sexual). Elderly deprivation (Neglect).  And my prayer go out to all of them who have experienced it and have permanent scars left in their life. I pray for healing.

Also I thank the Lord for Singapore being such a safe place where I do not have to worry when I walk the streets at midnight hours.

For the Delhi girl who suffered from the sexual assault, I believe it has come to a point where our eyes are open to whats' truly happening around in the world.
Forced child marriages in some countries.
Talking to another men (other than your husband) will cause one to be stoned.
Honor Killings that happen when one marries out of caste 
This is just a few of such incidents. Totally Horrible.

Here is the starting video of One Billion Rising. A summary of what I have just describe,

A huge thank you to the 2 organisers who have arranged for this whole event. It was very meaningful indeed.


And also kudos to the group who came up with a dance to align with the theme STRIKE, DANCE and RISE to One Billion Rising anthem "Break The Chain"
Created in Singapore by dancers, this music dance video initiated by Yiling Lai and actualized by Eunice Wong and Aaron.

1. A united response by dancers in Singapore, of 7 different dance genres to One Billion Rising - the international movement against violence towards women. 

2. A call to awareness and to touch, move and inspire the more fortunate in the world towards action to LOVE.
It's LOVE IN MOTION - transforming the world to love.

Gracing the event was MP Penny Low and also a few dance group. Here's the one I like most that is a product from SIP (Social Innvation Park)
BIG IS GORGEOUS who is Singapore Magazine for plus size women. I love their energy level!
If you missed the event yesterday and want to catch a brief of it
Here's snippets of it

Ending off this reflective post,
I want to wish everyone "Happy Valentine's Day!"

Monday, February 4, 2013

World Record Breaking SDN Masquerade Ball 2013

I've always supported SDN Events because theirs is so much fun and also Since I'm single as of now, shall take the change to enjoy such random events while I can. Primarily, decided to attend this event because of the Masquerade idea and the fact of being involved in a world record breaking speed dating achievement.

2nd February 2013. Made my way to Marina Bay Sands. In anticipation. 
Masquerade - Mask. Dance. Mystery. (That was what I expected)

Hence was a little disappointed when it was just the common style of dinner and speed dating.
But kudos to the organisers and the host. Agree it was lots of work.
The event probably attracted close to 500 people!

Singles were placed on tables of ten.- many ladies who were gorgeous and weirdly single. And many similar males. And on my table, I met a fellow Blogger Grace . I saw her and found her familiar and was trying to place my finger on how I knew her. So I asked her directly, if she saw me before, or if she blogs. And that's when I remembered. I voted for her during the Blog awards last year for her business interview entries which I love. Keep it going! (She's engaged. But for Grace, she came to be part of the world record breaking fun!)

Making this event ever more exciting, was that I realize that the MC on the stage was my senior from university. I have always love his hosting. And boy, did he not disappoint! Jonny Lee. He is now a freelance Emcee and Actor.Very Very entertaining as usual.

They started us off with some games.
1. Gather items using the letters "SPEED-DATING" eg. S=Spoon. That was quite fun! Encouraged more interaction on the table.
2. Finding your card partner where we were each given half a card. Then try to find flushes, pairs etc - wearing your mask. I was giddy but the time I completed. I gave up halfway. 

Then we started our 9-course meal. And for my table, we ate the dinner in silence. 
Most of the time, we could not hear each other because they had 'loud' band playing music on the stage.
Come on! If you wanted people to interact, maybe a soft background music would suffice?
Anyway the meal was good. Shall put some pictures towards the end of this entry.
In between the meal, they had some games. However, imagine that. No video was capturing the action. And from my end, I could only hear the voices but knew nothing as to what was happening on the stage. This need improvements. From the laughter in the front, i would suppose it was very entertaining.

Ladies and Guys were randomly pulled from tables then asked to do poses such as the one below.

they then announce the selected best dressed guys and ladies. And paired them into couples to do their cat walk and pose. This first couple was my favorite. The lady wore her mask throughout the whole event- so secretive. And she had such poise.

Next, the speed-dating activity began. Males would need to move from one table to the next and the sound of the gong. And the changeover at each table was in a clockwise direction. So for the night, each male talked to around 30 females in a span of close to 2 hours. 
It was tiring! haha. My first speed dating experience.

Ending off this blog post with my favorite picture that I took from the wedding album of the 2 comedians who got married recently in Korea. Such a nice angle and color!

Sunday, February 3, 2013


For bloggers, Photo-taking is just in our blood. Anywhere. Everywhere.
 And though many say its the photographer that makes the difference, truth be told, the camera makes a whole loud of difference - with the brightness of colors, the sharpness contrast which is via the shuttlespeed and more...

Recently I came across the Nikon 1 J2 - Nikon’s advanced camera with interchangeable lenses (ACIL) that boasts new levels of speed, simplicity and enjoyment. Their 60fps (frames per second) images using its continuous shutter feature will allow me to take pictures of triathletes/cyclists racing down with their bikes, Photos of children playing in the swimming pool , dancing movements in performances , running water - things that a normal camera can't capture no matter how good your skills are I suppose.

Here's the colors that have it in. Personally I like the pink, orange and red and white one. But my favorite is the white one.

I like how white can go with a lot with many colors AND it looks good and fashionable.
Imagine me wearing purple holding a white camera.
Teaser #1 : Purple-White
Imagine me wearing my black winter jacket holding a white camera
Teaser #2 : Black -White
Imagine me in my white and yellow dress holding a white camera. Loves!
Teaser #2: Yellow - White
 And have you seen the one with Dara in it. Ultra cute!

 Everyone can look good and fashionable with Nikon 1 J2 camera! Ooooo!

  Click on this link : for more information.
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