Wednesday, May 28, 2014

YFEST 2014- The event to look for in June 2014

Those who are into Kpop. Say Yeah. -> My response, Yeah!
Those who are into Dance. Say Yeah -> My Response, Yeah!
Those who are in Singapore. Say Yeah -> My response, Yeah!

Introducing YFEST 2014.
Yfest 2014 puts the spotlight on verve, vigour and creativity!
20-22 Jun, Fri-Sun to celebrate a weekend of unbridled youthful energy.
 Showcasing local and international talents each day by a dazzling array of outdoor dance and music performances over at Urban Zone (Esplanade Outdoor Theatre).
Head on down to Amplify (Esplanade Concourse) and chill out to soothing acoustic melodies by our talented young Youtube musicians.

They have some awesome Masterclasses. And this year there's a performance which one can audition for (below)

Attended the Masterclass for popping last year.

This year there's a list to choose from. Need to book before the tickets run out.

I think the videos are a good way to judge the styles. Do check it out and see which one you are interested in :)

21 Jun, Sat, 12pm Prepix Haw

21 Jun, Sat, 2pm Crazy Kyo

22 Jun, Sun, 12pm BabySleek

22 Jun, Sun, 2pm D.R.O.P.

And there's more for dancers!

SixTeen Dance Challenge

Following an audition, selected dancers will be mentored and work with the choreographers from Project Prepix Asia (Korea) – Prepix Haw, BabySleek, D.R.O.P and Crazy Kyo to build on their foundations and hone their choreography skills over an intensive 16-hour period, eventually performing a routine at Yfest 2014.

Here to apply 

To qualify, you must:

• Be 16 years old and above and based in Singapore
• Be able to commit to all SixTeen-related activities from 16 – 19 Jun 2014
• Display adaptability, good techniques and great team spirit

Audition Video (required)

Need to upload an original video of your dance performance and send the video download or streaming link. Eg. YouTube, Vimeo, Dropbox etc.
• Performance can be choreographed or freestyle to your choice of music
• The duration of the video should be between 30 – 60 seconds long
• One should be clearly identifiable in the video; solo performance preferred
Application deadline: 9 Jun, Mon
Successful applicants will be notified between 10 – 13 Jun 2014

Selected dancers must attend 16 hours of rehearsals over four days from 16 – 19 Jun 2014, Mon – Thu. Dancers are required to attend all rehearsals and will be assigned to daily rehearsal sessions that take place from 7 – 11pm.
Performance Dates:
20 & 22 Jun 2014, Fri & Sun


Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Hidden Pains and untold stories : Short Term 12 - Gorgeous Movie

I've been wanting to blog about the wonderful movie I watched on the plane just last month.
The best ever watched in 3 years. Introduces one to foster care systems, the kind of abuses that happen under hidden eyes, the struggles the children have to put up with - also reminded me to make the extra effort to be a helping hand to someone out there - rather than keep focusing on my own life.

Writer and director Destin Daniel Cretton
Grace (Brie Larson)
Mason (John Gallagher Jr.) 
Jayden (Kaitlyn Dever)
Marcus (Keith Stanfield)

Brie Larson plays Grace. She is helping out at a shelter for youth-at-risk children Mason, played by John Gallagher Jr (who is later revealed to be her boyfriend). The film takes us through the issues that the children faces - Some sexually abused, Some cutting themselves, Some with mental issues and Some children is waiting for their parents who had abandon them - and also the hidden monsters that Grace face that she had kept away deep in her heart but yet never letting the healing come about. (For Grace, she discovered she was pregnant, but had no faith that she was able to bring up a child when she was still battling her own monsters, and where she still could not trust even her 'fiance' to tell what had happened)

This film showcased the hurts and struggles and pain in such raw emotions and words - that I was truly tearing at every scene. All these scenes flashed back memories of the issues I had seen among my peers in secondary school - who struggled with lesbianism and use penknives carving each other names on their arms (okay if you have not seen it before, when the blood dries, the name appears) , who was ostracized and pushed around because of being bulimic and vomiting over the school gardens thus to protect herself, she holds a penknife in her hand all the time ,who struggled with family issues such as infidelity and had some much anger in them and many more whom I have faced throughout my volunteering. The effects carry on till later in life. And if not acknowledged or one does not find support to come to terms, the monsters creeps in the form of doubt and fear much later in life. Even for all of us, though we do not face such problems, at crossroads, I'm sure we ourselves hide behind a mask at times, just because. There is no reason. But just because. Who can say they are in control of all when circumstances and people are ever changing?

Also reminded me of the family day in Girls' home where the director had talked about FORGIVENESS and at that moment of time, it had such a strong hold on me. In simple words, throw away your pride and forgive because relationships are worth much more than that.

And the way this film does it. Stories. Words. Sharing.
Running away. Coming back. Home - with home not being a physical thing, but some place one can find solace and comfort.

The Octopus story - of the world

The words that struck the core of my heart " Look into my eyes so you know what it's like to love a life not knowing what a normal life's like"

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