Friday, January 20, 2012

Macdonald cares

Thursday 19th jan was a busy day with so many appointments at night. Decided to go for the community event for the aged from the homes organized by macdonalds to celebrate Chinese new year with them. Such a sweet thought!

A total of 38 seniors and 2 volunteers from Lion Befrienders Service Association were there. Accompanying them was mr ronald macdonald himself who made a surprise appearance with the managing director of macs. The mood was so joyful with the mc being one of the elderly macdonald employees belting out tunes and also ra ra ing everyone to clap their hands. Of course they were also treated to macdonald meals! They were so happy!

And more than this, macdonalds will be sharing their gift of prosperity by donating 10 cents from the sale of every prosperity feast meal and prosperity extra value meal between 1st jan 2012 to 31st jan 2012 ( 11 more days left!) all proceeds will go to minds - movement for the intellectual disabled of Singapore where it will be used to help needy families with children with intellectual disability.

So what does the prosperity meal consist of : at $8.30 you will have a prosperity burger of either chicken or beef ; twister fries ; orange mcfizz and a choice of dessert either apple or pineapple pie.

And If you want to do more donations to minds, you can do so at the donation boxes specially set up in 12 selected macdonald restaurants at ang mo kio, northpoint yishub, causeway point , harbourfront centre, Springfield tower, great world City, east coast park, bedok interchange, tampines mall , jurong central park , king albert park and lot one.

I am very happy that organizations have begin to be more socially involved and most importantly embracing elderly who are still happy to work and providing them with flexible hours. And also the disabled whose parents are constantly worrying about them Should they pass on. Who will accept them and help them to be independent? So it's always such a comfort when people lend a helping hand to the community. Teaching them how to fish rather than just give them the fish. It takes effort but you make such a huge difference.

For macdonalds, they started a community programme "McDonald cares" - holds a series of activities for children from minds schools to learn valuable life skills through fun games designed and conducted by over 300 macdonald staff volunteers.

Thank you for being a part of the community of helping hand macdonalds :)

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Malaysia food street @ Rws

My aunt from Australia came and so we decided to visit the Malaysian food street in resort world Rws. Its has been opened since Jan 12.
The Malaysian Food Street is located at The Bull Ring (beside Universal Studio Singapore), and is open daily from 11am-10pm (Monday-Thursday); 9am-12midnight (Friday to Saturday); 9am -10pm (Sun).

We wanted to order the heon kee claypot chicken rice. Gosh waiting time was 2 hours! Gave up and went for the rest.

I like the taste. Not too oily. Very generous with their fresh succulent prawns and their numerous huge pieces of pork lards.

I love this dish but felt that the ones I ate on the streets in Malaysia were nicer.
In Malaysia, they put it in chunks, then you choose your ingredients and put the sauce all over it in your plate. The difference between this and the streets was that this had more ingredients in its dumplings etc.

More fried stuff. PENANG AH LONG LOR BAK
Similar to Singapore Ngioh Hiang.

My cousin heard much about the chicken rice ball so he tried.

Then we ended off the lunch with the KL HOKKIEN MEE.


The food we were thinking of trying but missed out

For me who always goes to Malaysia jb klang malacca etc for food, the standard I find was not up to expectations. But it was better than average I would say.

Try it out let me know what you think!

Monday - Thursday (excludes Public Holidays):
7am to 7pm: $6 for 1st hour, $2 subsequent hour or part thereof
12pm to 2pm: $1 for 1st hour, $2 subsequent hour or part thereof
After 7pm: $6 per entry
Maximum: $26 per 24hours

Friday/Saturday/Sunday/Public Holiday:
7am to 7pm: $7 for 1st hour, $2 subsequent half hour or part thereof
After 7pm: $8 per entry
Maximum: $26 per 24 hours

$3 service fee per vehicle (excludes prevailing parking charges)

Public Bus Services

Bus Number Board/Alight Availability Fare Departing RWS
RWS 8 Outside VivoCity and HarbourFront Station bus stops Daily S$2.00(round trip) 6am to 11:30pm

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Parenting- Yes I Can!

Being a parent is never easy. Because of our own misgivings. Habits. Character. Disciplinary methods. Parents are not know-it-all , are not superhuman with no moodswings. They too have past errors or sometimes past childhood secrets that they try not to let repeat - in their own method of teaching. Wrong or right? Everything is a trial and error- but most importantly parents tried - and I think as a child we need to understand and forgive if not try to forgive.

Today I was helping out at the mcys parenting yes I can! 2012 event. After talking to the mcys/family centers staff first and foremost I would like to say thank you! Because of your dedication you support the change of the children for better, hold the hands of both parents and children and help them understand the 'language' that each coveys. Don't be discouraged. I am sure every effort made will somehow bear fruits. One way or another.

Workshop:Rethink parenting I can do it - the strength comes from believe 相信就有力量

We all have expectations for our teenagers. And to them, these expectations could be burdensome. The children will try to challenge the expectations and they want to take risk to show you that they can . if they do not have good self esteem or good worth at home they will try and find it outside- so make them realize they can find love at home and help them to moderate the changes especially during their puberty teenage years - around 13 years old or so.

And parents pls be aware of what you say or how you react - to the children they are thinking: If you can use this language to scold me so why can't I ? If you don't respect me why should I respect you. A solution: Walk away during anger - calm down to handle the situation. Let them know 我们永远支持你 and that you will always be supporting them. At times, children know they are wrong but they do not know how to turn back when peer pressure and pride is on them . Sometimes they share their thoughts with parents but parents are defensive eg they come back from school and complains how their teacher pick on them and parents use it against them judging and saying it must be you behaving badly in class - the children see how their parents Judge them. What is in your mind is conveyed through attitude and expression - and this creates mistrust and doubt - where the children feel their parents are superficial and are not sincere.
And for parents whose children keeps going on and on with " I want this. Want that." Do not reject outrightly. Discuss it with them" Why do you need a computer upgrade?" Or tell let me think about it and come back with an answer. Do not answer : you think we print money? You keep asking me for money! Important: listen. If you do not listen The children will not say. 你孩子心里怎样 look into their eyes. Put down all distraction. Stop all the 酸讽刺 you think you have wings now can fly? - respect must be show through daily activities through listening. Action. Talking during dinner etc. Children do not want to listen to your 大道理. Let your children feel that you respect them.

Most importantly have you encourage and compliment your children? 你最近称赞/鼓励孩子是几时?我做的东西什么都错! 接纳孩子的情绪。action: have a meal together per week. 爱的语言与他同行。我关心你我爱护你 on the surface as if they do not care - but they do. You must believe that one day your children will say thank you to you. For you to be able to love your children. You must love yourself first. Get support from your close ones. Do not walk thia journey alone. 要爱自己!爱了自己才有力量爱别人!要感受周围有支持:周围的人也经历过。

Lastly, pls give all children chances to change. Put away your colored lenses and open your heart to them. Relationship all comes with hurt but let your love be the medicine to the scars.

The songs that the boys from boys home and girls from girls home sang. I cried - because I felt their heart felt message inside the song.

Ending off with an invention by the boys from boys' home. A robot. Amazing potential with guidance. Lets play our part by being a supporter.

For parents, below are family centers which you can seek help or advice when needed.

Monday, January 9, 2012

Entrepreneur : The Potential

Blog Shop owners? Potential Entrepreneurs!
Here's an opportunity for you to share your products to the public. FOC!

An incredible new TV series on Channel U and xinmsn: The Potential
It doesn’t matter if you’ve imported the product or invented it. You can pitch on the show and charm audiences with your suave smile and smooth delivery. You could be a blogshop owner, a performer with tickets, or a small business owner. All can apply. Deadline is 9th January. = Application form here!

#1: While watching the show, viewers can instantly buy your products from Mocca, and the best part is, YOU keep all the earnings!

#2: The top two contestants will get to present LIVE on television

#3: MediaCorp will offer an additional S$1,000 to the entrepreneur with the most sales. Use the cash to further develop your fledging business.

Open for Singaporeans/SPRs.
Terms and conditions

Thursday, January 5, 2012


For all loves of entrepreneurs and ideas like me :)
Here's a chance to showcase your ideas :) good to gauge the response and do market survey for your idea as well!

NUS Entrepreneurship Society and Start Up Singapore has come up with the following event:
The 24hr Challenge, arguably Singapore’s shortest and most exciting business plan competition, is back again this year with not one but three new categories and promises to be a day of heart-pumping excitement.

When is it?????? Where is it?????? Who can join?????

Date: 14th and 15th January 2012
Time: 9am (14th Jan) to 2pm (15th Jan)
Venue: NUS Business School

Best of the Best: All ages eligible (NOT LIMITED TO ONLY NUS STUDENTS)

Registration ends on 11th Jan 2012!

Raring to go yet?

Day 1 starts with a series of intense workshops on how to write good executive summaries and how to pitch ideas. Then the fun begins when the three categories are announced and teams race against the clock to translate a business idea into an executive summary overnight.
Day 2 offers no rest until after you successfully pitch your ideas to the panel of invited industry judges to vie for top spot.

The top team from each of the three categories gets a prize money of $500
( not much - but worthwhile market survey opportunity)
if the judges are impressed enough, direct entry to the semi-finals of the Start-Up@Singapore Business Plan Competition 2012, Singapore’s largest and most prestigious, where the prize money is now in the thousands.

If you have the adrenaline and the smarts to take on this night race, then join at the 24hr Challenge.
Only a maximum of 40 teams can be accommodated for the competition so get in on the action before it's too late.


Rules & Regulations

  • All teams must consist of 2 to 4 members exactly. Teams are not allowed to add or remove team members from the team, once they have registered.
  • The 40 SGD deposit is refundable only at the end of the 24 Hour Challenge. Please note that any team which withdraws from the challenge midway, will NOT get the money refunded.
  • All teams need to compulsorily stay overnight at the 24 Hour Challenge venue. If any team leaves, for any reasons whatsoever, it’ll be disqualified from the challenge.
  • Teams are NOT allowed to change their categories once we have given them the confirmation of acceptance of their chosen category.
  • The executive summary presented by the teams should NOT be that of an already registered company.
  • Teams are NOT allowed to use any additional visual aids during pitches.
  • Any team NOT complying with any instructions will be disqualified from the competition immediately.
  • The judges’ decision is final, and no appeals for re-consideration will be entertained.
  • Additional details will be conveyed to you during the competition itself by the Competition Department.
  • For any queries, please feel free to approach any of the organizers. You can also email the Competition Director Mr. Siddharth Rajgopalan (

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Social enterprise Shokay

Inspiring true work of action! - Article from SGE

Carol Chyau and Maria So started social enterprise Shokay long before the term became a buzzword in recent years.

Shokay, which is the Tibetan word for yak, is a lifestyle brand that designs stylish products made from soft yak down. By sourcing from Tibetan herders in Qinghai and employing women in rural areas, it helps promote sustainable income in rural China.

Shokay’s work allows indigenous herders to generate more direct income, preserve local culture, promote sustainable usage of the environment and promote community development work.

From inspiration to execution

While doing their Masters in Public Administration at Harvard, the duo decided to put the business concepts they learnt into action. The pair went seeking for inspiration on two weeklong trips in Yunnan, China in January 2006.

While there, they saw a need for poverty alleviation and stumbled upon an opportunity. China has an abundance in yak fiber, which is highly comparable to cashmere. Yet, because of its inaccessibility and lack of visibility in the fashion industry, its great potential was left untapped.

With an idea in mind, Carol and Maria went back to Harvard and entered the Harvard Business Plan Competition with a few friends, coming in first under the Social Enterprise Track. With the money they won, they returned to China and set their hearts on following the Yaks.

Right from the start, the cofounders had little knowledge about yak fiber and the textiles industry. Undeterred, they kept going to experts for help and formally founded Shokay in November 2006. Today, the social enterprise has come a long way with over 100 stores in ten countries.

Carol shared with us a few important stories on how her team got the business going with little prior industry and product knowledge.

1) Be a sponge and absorb as much as possible

While they knew that they were risking it with zero industry experience and had no background in fashion or textiles, Carol and Maria never gave up. Instead, they went out of their way to visit a lot to factories and gathered feedback from professionals. They weren’t afraid to get their hands dirty doing research and talked to as many industry experts as possible.

2) Be a detective

Carol likens this process to solving a mystery. “Sometimes all you have are clues. When you don’t understand something you have to ask why. For us, we managed to gather useful information about yak fiber by reading up on Google. For example, while yak fiber is comparable to cashmere, few people know about it.” This market gap was their opportunity.

3) Be an inventor

Carol and Maria spent the last five years experimenting with several business models, figuring out the best way to create their product and bring value to the market. They initially sold only knitting yarns, but decided to move on to the bigger market of scarfs and shawls. They’re continuing to innovate and re-invent their model. “We’re shifting from being a fashion label to ultimately being an ingredient brand. Kind of how the Intel chip is an integral part to a Lenovo laptop,” she explained.

4) Have a perspective of an eagle

Social entrepreneurs have to think about two bottom lines. Sometimes you might get lost along the way, but it’s important for an entrepreneur to have the perspective of an eagle. “When you find yourself misaligned with your original goal, it’s important to recollect your thoughts,” she says.

5) Be yourself

After all the hard work, you have to figure out how to pull everything together and make it work. You have to believe and love what you do.

As Carol puts it, “I’m not doing this because I am more philanthropic than other people out there, nor because I’m particularly altruistic. For me, it’s about a sense of responsibility. I just believe that as lucky as we are to have so much, we should give back even more.”

Closing thoughts

Carol and Maria’s philosophy and sheer determination have paid off in Shokay’s progress. Now, sourcing yak fiber from more than 800 families and having used approximately 2,000 tonnes of yak fiber, it’s plain to see how privileged ones like us can give back so much more if we just took the first step to try.

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