Thursday, February 20, 2020

More AI startups

Taken from Tech in Asia
Entrepreneur First
mostly about AI

  • Healium Digital Health is a healthcare AI company that focuses on early detection and the management of chronic illnesses, such as kidney disease, through non-invasive digital biomarkers.
  • Qzense is an IoT solution that harnesses the power of olfaction to enable fresh-food retailers to assess the quality of fresh food quickly and accurately.
  • Real Analytics brings improved transparency to the real estate market through more accurate pricing and predictive development analytics and a real-time solution that addresses land encroachment, which can reduce settlement costs by 90%.
  • Recreate leverages AI to help businesses create compelling social video content from text within minutes.
  • Sensight helps to increase in-store advertising inventory and delivers hyper-personalized content to shoppers in real time.
  • UnboxRobotics has developed an AI-powered fleet of robots that can move upwards and sideways simultaneously to sort parcels efficiently.
Hong Kong
  • Open empowers banks in developing Asia to quadruple their small and medium-sized enterprises lending business volume and reduce loan approval times from a month to one day.
  • PixHat is reducing the barriers to 3D animation and content creation with an image-only motion capture technology that can serve as an alternative to motion capture suits.
  • RC Labs designs and manufactures adaptive, chemistry-agnostic IoT battery management systems and analytics dashboards to track and manage battery performance for electric vehicle and energy storage systems.
  • Spidfier is a biotech company that leverages DNA sequencing technology to combat fish fraud through identification, origin detection, and other metrics.
  • Energy Lite is building the first virtual power plant for distributed solar photovoltaic systems to guarantee energy output to the power utility.
  • Fairphonics leverages AI to ensure music platforms pay the right amount to the right creators and artists.
  • Lytehouse builds software that acts as a command center for security control rooms by pulling their sensors and response coordination into a single platform, allowing processes, from detection to dispatch, to occur seamlessly and with just a few clicks.
  • Milkyway provides physical retailers with ecommerce visibility and insights by delivering real-time in-store data and shopper analytics through the use of computer vision technology.
  • Navarasa enables fast-moving consumer goods manufacturers to optimize their product trial losses and hasten their speed to market while helping them save on costs.
  • Plutwo is a video-sharing platform that allows domain experts to conduct lessons in their areas of expertise and in their local language via paid livestreamed lessons.
  • Poseidon AI builds hardware to monitor water composition and leverages algorithm parameters to optimize feed consumption and aquaculture yield for fish farmers.
  • Quantship has developed price prediction technology for freight and charter rates for bulk shipping companies.
  • TeOra rapidly programs smart microbes to replace synthetic products with natural and sustainable ones using a combination of microfluidics and AI.

Monday, February 3, 2020

Citizen Journalism - What does it mean?

As I applied for a workshop on citizen journalism, i asked myself what does it mean? Isn't it a role that everyone should play. It could be in really daily communications where one hears fake news and helps others to reflect and think of the possibility that it could be incorrect by providing relevant news or hotlines for confirmation. It could be sharing of correct news substantiated by validated sources. It could be voicing alternative opinions on an issue. hence encouraging others too to question their beliefs logically and not haphazardly.

What then are the issues we hold closely to our hearts?
For some it could be environment.
For some it could be public policy.
For some it could be human rights.
For some it could be our day to day social issues.

Then I wonder. Is it right if I only focus on the issues I hold dearly to my heart? Or is it because I am not exposed to the other issues and hence is oblivious to the issues surrounding it? Is it hence my responsibility to be aware of whats happening all around the world and not be myopic and only concentrating on what I understand from a day to day basis? How then can we translate that awareness and link it so we can internalize the impact of needing to be aware?

What are the ways it can be done?
Talks. Focus Groups.
Youtube channel
Writing articles
Not among ourselves. But of the opinion from different generations and different countries - how do we promote the friendship and also mutual understanding?

It just boils down to a conclusion
Be Heard
Be Out There
Do it

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