Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Performance Challenge Race Series held @ Lorong Asrama - Raising funds for SDSC - 17th Nov 2013

Being an ardent believer of joining for the sake of causes or donation to causes, I'm here to introduce a cycling event that I came across that I've signed up for - to raise funds for their adopted charity: Singapore Disability Sports Council!

 In Singapore, the number of actual disabled individuals is four percent (4%) of its population and that is by the traditional approach; many of whom fall squarely within the main categories of physical impairment, vision impairment, hearing impairment and intellectual impairment.
At present, the disabled in Singapore are supported by about 186 organisations including special schools and voluntary welfare organisations. Of the 186, only 11 provide some form of sports to the disabled and almost all cater to persons of a specific disability only.

The Singapore Disability Sports Council (SDSC) is the only organisation in Singapore which reaches across all disability groups, offering a wide range of sports at both elite and non-elite levels. It is, in fact, Singapore’s national disability sports organisation.

I am so proud of all the para-athletes that have been born from SDSC.
And here's one of the way I can show my support :) 

Performance Challenge Race Series held @ Lorong Asrama.
Date: 17th November 2013 (Sunday)
Here's the link to sign up.

It is off road with good scenery supposedly.
I'm glad I repaired my off road bike recently. Putting it to good use.

Lorong Asrama 2

Race Details
There will be 6 race categories:
3hr Individual – Competitive, Challenge
3hr Pairs – Competitive, Challenge
3hr Team (3 riders) – Competitive, Challenge
3hr Youth Individual – Competitive, Challenge - 12 to 18years old
3hr Youth Team (3 riders) – Competitive, Challenge - 12 to 18years old
3hr Family (up to 5 riders) - Challenge

Different categories will start at different timing.
- Competitive, 09:00AM - 12:00PM
- Challenge, 13:00PM - 16:00PM


The difference between competitive and challenge is competitive has longer routes that has more challenging terrains (greater climbs and descent), challenge has shorter route and easier climbs and descent.

- Not really in favor of the feeling the word "Competitive" brings about, I joined the Challenge route!

Their Objectives
To provide all cycling enthusiasts with an exciting and fun challenge race event in a unique natural Singapore location

To inspire belief and confidence - A performance race that will put to test ones skill, fitness, grit and determination to overcome the various challenges and obstacles along the route

Race Route
Competitive Route
photo CompetitiveRoute_zpsba942908.jpg

 Challenge Route
photo ChallengeRoute_zps13deebb0.jpg 

Family Route
 photo FamilyChallengeroute_zps0c8ea350.jpg

Lorong Asrama How to get there

Nearest MRT: Woodlands or Choa Chu Kang
Buses: 927(Choa Chu Kang) 926 (Woodlands) 171(Yishun)
Park Connector: Northern Explorer Loop

Lorong Asrama 1 

For me, I'm gonna try out the PCN to get there. Exciting :) 
See you there!

Monday, October 28, 2013

8 days eat - Around the Singapura island in search of GOOD FOOD

Was invited to go on 8 Days Eat Food Trail together with hosts Belinda Lee (No need for introduction. Most of us should know her) and Leslie Tay (Blogger IeatIshootIpost) along side with other foodies.

Super duper excited.
Kept my stomach empty except a bowl of cornflakes in the morning.

Being such a foodie overseas (which my friends can attest to. I kinda grab and put everything I see along the streets in my mouth) , I confess though I've followed my brother along his food trails - mostly atas ones - I've not yet tried all the good local Singapore food that people talk about.

So today IS the day. Yay!

Off we go! 
Belinda getting to know us better.
She's really friendly and comfortable to be with!
She made the effort to remember our names and to know a little about our life. And constant interaction!

Our first stop!
Thosai Spring Leaf Prata Place @ 1 Thong Soon Avenue Springleaf estate S787431.

I have gone there a number of times but usually I just have the normal pratas.
But our dear hosts introduced us to the OMG "Portobello Mushroom Cheese Thosai" , "Portobello Mushroom Cheese Prata" with the "Teh Chino" and dessert "Red bean prata" 
Personally I like the Thosai better because I find it lighter and easier to digest. 
I finished mine and stole half of Jessie's. 
Dipping it into the Masala - OoOO!
I think it was butter Masala.

See how much cheese and mushroom. : Lovely!
Okay. Looking at the pictures is making me drool...
And armed with Teh Chino - Shiok!
Then ending this meal off we the red bean prata.
(After posting it on instagram, alot of people were amazed at this. I was too!
Its like a cheaper version of Taiwan red bean cake) And because its so thin, its not very filling. Hence just nice for dessert. And it comes in 25 small pieces.
Ok. I like my food in small portions so can share around. Even if I eat it all eventually, still... share. haha...

2nd station was the Mutton Soup at Haji M Abdul Rajak Stall @ 17 Upper Boon Keng Food Centre #01-03 S380017.

My partner 'in crime' and another sisters' group were delighted and were rushing forward to this place. Both of their eyes literally lit up at the bowls of 'kam bing soup"

See the joy on the faces! And while digging though it, she was commenting " Tendons! Attack! Collagen!" And they used the straw to suck out the 'i dont know what' from the marrow!
You can catch my partner 'in crime' shot on Leslie's Instagram.
Decide to spare her being 'flashed' here. hahahahaa. I thought it was cute though. She thinks otherwise. lol.

Sadly I am not a big fan of Mutton.
(Ok. This reminds me of Mongolia. That whole goat)

Station 3. I was really happy when I saw it was somewhere near my place. Because that meant I can pop by often in future. Ang Mo Kio! Hokkein Mee Xiao Di Fried Prawn Noodles @ Blk 153 Serangoon North Avenue 1 Guan Hock Tiong Eating House S550153.

The sambal was good. A tiny winy spicy for me. But the noodles was wet and good. And most importantly, prawns felt fresh. And guess what, the owner is a 26 year old 'chap' who decided to brave across all obstacles to open this shop - to retain the traditional way of cooking hokkein mee.

I do like this.
But I still find it loses a little to the one at Tiong Bahru market. Whose noodles is crispy yet as wet as this. I like the mixture.

The pretty siblings being interviewed :)
Station 4: I was glad we were going on to desserts!
And its my favorite Putu Piring. Haig Road Food center @ Blk 14 #01-08 s430014

I love Malay kuehs. Since my mum's hometown in Malacca, its one of the must eats when we go back. And this putu piring taste the same as that!
I finally found my putu piring fix in Singapore.

If I manage to find someone who also does the Gula Melaka Sugar donut. I'm so gonna melt!

This stall has been here for 20++ years, run by the husband and wife. You can see the beautiful photo on their sign. And they are quick. Though the queue is long, they serve quickly which is a ++ point.
Eat it when its piping hot. Gorgeous!With the freshly grated coconut. Their sugar is from java.

Station 5: More desserts.
At first I was wondering if it might be like that in Hongkong which I did not really like because it being too yolky and gooey. However this was good! Just nice! Though a tad too sweet for me - but I know those with sweet tooth will find it yummy! And it was served to us hot from the oven.

Egg tarts from Tong Heng Confectionary @ 285 South Bridge Road S058833

And together with the tea to neutralize the sweetness. Great job!
The 'do my faces' match
And beautiful Belinda doing the interview.

And after a long day of constant eating, we were at our final stop.
 Cold crabs from Singapura Seafood Barbeque.
I love the soup. Very sweet and tasty.

And leslie's favorite noodles.
Reminds me of KL.

What a wonderful day spent.
Kudos Foodies!
Keep the Singapore spirit going!
And once again a BIG THANK YOU to 8 Days Eat for this opportunity.

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

寻u忧先 finding you filming process

Excited! Was invited to participate in the final episode for 寻u忧先 finding you
First time on TV Variety.
Let you in on a secret: My wish is to be on a reality show once in my life.
Programs considered:
Maybe Asia Amazing Race (But need to take probably 3 -6 months of leave - that might be difficult)
Maybe Asia Apprentice
Maybe The Dating Challenge (E.g. on Click Network kind)
Maybe Asia Top Model (Not that I have the 'goods' but well, makeup work wonders right. And I believe I should be good at posing)
Maybe Asia Runway (Ok. Maybe not. I only know basic sewing haha)

Here's the happenings behind the scenes......

1. In preparation. Angle.
2. Us participants in war-like stance
Making sure the color, the angle, the height, the spacing and all - was good for camera/video shot
OK. I felt like a star then with everyone taking video and the public also taking photos of us.
3. Trying to tie the balloon in the fastest timing.
Nah. Just putting it on. Haha.
4. And the stars appeared In such cute attire.

5. Our Second game. Blue team!
It was really a very hot day and they had to squeeze themselves in that ball like thing.
And play soccer in that. Poor things. But they all very jian qiang. Say no problem.
6. Final Game
Now they have to be rolled around. If its me, I might really puke.
But they. Solid.
With the human obstacles struggle.
Giving their all!

To this extent.
And they did it *Shh. Can say anot? 3-4 times.* 

Who says variety stars life is easy. Yet they never even complain.
Such good sports! Made me see them in another light.
Jia You!
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