Tuesday, October 30, 2012

New Ubin Seafood

Been wanting to write about New Ubin Seafood for ages but was away in Taiwan, Malaysia, China and most importantly working hard in Singapore.
But with such fantastic dishes there, this time with my brother's birthday, I made sure I ordered all our loves and here's the review about it!

New Ubin Seafood Restaurant
Block 27 Sin Ming Road (behind Block 26) Sin Ming Industrial Estate Sector A    

Singapore 575680 
 Tel: 6466 9558

Daily: 11:30 - 14:30
Daily: 17:30 - 22:30
It is hidden deep among the Mechanic shops in this Industrial neighborhood. And to those who are not familiar with the area - Go up the road Upper Thomson, turn left, go straight all the way then turn right. (Its best to however park before turning right because of the lack of carpark space)

If you're sitting bus, there's bus 130. You can take it from AMK Ave 3 or Farrer Park or Bugis Station.

Our first dish: My favorite! Crispy Brinjal (Eggplant). 
It is fried to crisp and has a tinge of sweet and sour taste to it! I might be able to eat plates and plates of it. It has a similar taste to the 拔丝 in China.  
Our 2nd dish: Rib-Eye Steak. My parents and brother's meat lovers favorite!
Choice US ribeye steak broiled and served with potato wedges and caramelised onions.
Though I'm not fond of meat, I like how its juicy and easy to swallow.
(Note: My brothers could not wait and dug into it before I could take the photos, so pardon that its a little messy for presentation lol )

3rd dish: Hokkien Prawn Mee. 
I love how its wet and the mix of the fried crispy thing and the noodles, and also the fresh seafood in it Fantastic!
P.S: Heard they use seafood to stew their noodles in and that's what makes their noodle savory sweet!
4th Dish. My eldest brother's favorite. He gobbled nearly one whole plate BY HIMSELF. 
I'm like the taste of the rice but I can't stand the fats in it. How they cook it is that after they cook the steak, the fats are removed and used to fry the rice. As my brother and many others who loves it remark: Sinful but shiok!
Oh. And of course how can our meal not have the crabs!
Not just because of its taste! Its very good for value. 
When you buy 2 crabs, you get 1 crab dish for FREE. Yes you see it right: FOC for the last dish of crab. 
[ Buy 2 and get 3rd crab FREE ] 
So we went for our favorites: Salted Egg ; Chili and White pepper (In Order)

Salted Egg: Likes the Malaysia one better. But its still not too bad. Just a little bland I find.
Chili : I like it! Its not very spicy. More sweetness.
White Pepper: Its okay for me. Not a fan of pepper.

I've heard complains about the service specially during busy periods but I can't really comment on it because My house is near there and I always go there during weekdays and hence the service is still fair. ( Even though the waitress drop one of my fried bun during packing haha)

And I love it how the owner comes up to you and asks you how the food is. Personable.

Give it another chance if you have a bad experience.
Give it a try if you haven't. I like the food and hope you like it too.

Monday, October 29, 2012

Hen's Night Party.Dares

Last week was my best friend's Hen's Night. It was a fantastic night getting her out of her comfort zone.

As I gather ideas online. Decided to place some on my blog for future reference.
(Can't be too over though. Else her 'husband' might come after me)
Those in bold were under my consideration :)

• Have a shot without using your hands          - Too easy?
• Swap an article of clothing with a man         - If they have a jacket. Its too easy?
• Get a male to give you his knickers (Y front and boxers!)       - Too kinky?
• Get the phone number of a man whose name begins with a vowel        
• Find a guy to practice the Bridal Waltz with
• Wear a bra on the outside of your clothes  - Good if its a private slumber party girls night out.
• pinch five strangers’ bums (male or female!) - In Singapore, we might get sued.
• Get a piggy back ride around the bar          
• Find a condom off a stranger and blow it up -gosh! Gross!
• Do a sexy dance on a table
• Do a chicken dance around the bar
• Find a man with the same shoe size as hubby to be - smelly feet then how?
• Kiss the next man who walks into the room (on the cheek!) - Her husband might come after me.
• rub face in a guy’s hairy chest - Yucks.
• kiss the first guy with a moustache (on the cheek!) - Her husband might come after me.
• find a pole or column and work it like a stripper
• do a body shot - Too easy?
• go for a wizz in men’s toilets - In Singapore, we might get sued.
• Ask a guy to remove his shirt.
• Blow a kiss to a random guy from across the room
• ask a male to buy you a drink
• ask a male to paint your toe nails
Get a man to let you put lipstick on him
Whine someone up in a funny voice 
•  Grab a person and become a living statue for 30 seconds – the rest of the group should decide what you should imitate
•  Order a drink in a foreign accent.  
•  Get something worth $5 or over for free.

Thought of some other ideas of my own 
- Take a Polaroid of her of all expression. Get a different guy to comment on it, sign on it and put a kiss on it ( with lip stick)
- Ask a guy to kiss her hand like a prince to a princess
- Sing to random person and give them a hug
- Get 2 children to give you a peck on the check
- Try to get a guy to feed you

Eventually, the hen's night plan that was up ...........
Venue: Raffles City

I designed a sign for my friend to wear on her neck.

Alas, got a wassap that her ' future' husband was also there. Quickly message him and told him that it was a special surprise hen's night for her and so to excuse himself. (haha) then we message her saying we were lost and did not know the way to the restaurant.

Once she arrive, we made her wear the sign on her neck.

And make her choose her first task.  And she got an easy one!
#1 Order food in a foreign accent 
We were in Thai Express and made her order the food. It was hilarious. She was laughing non-stop. The first waiter that came over. He saw her laughing and walked off. y friend tried to subdue her laughter and we called the waitress. But my friend started laughing uncontrollably again. Thankfully the waitress was patient and made out the numbers to the orders.
Next she chose
#2 Grab a person and say "I'm the luckiest Bride on earth" then become a swooning lady for 30 seconds (she did the lift one leg pose and the pouting lips)
We tried to pay the bill and make her do it outside the restaurant with a 'guy' but (my mistake) I wrote a person and not a 'guy' so she quickly grab the waitress and do her pose. It was still very funny though. Imagine with the lifting of one leg and pouting lips. *The waitress was very sporting though!
After this, we finally pulled her out of the restaurant to do the other dares.
#3 Get 2 children (one boy and one girl ) to give you a peck on the check
Getting this, we tried to find children in the sweets shop or cold storage or the fountain but there was no children. Where did everyone go to? Eventually we found 2 children with their parents but the parents were unwilling to let their children peck someone lips so we changed it to the hands.* Why Singaporean parents so unwilling? Its in the idea of fun!
Next, we got this
#3: Try to get a guy to feed you
With the crowd thinning and most in couples, we were desperate to find a single guy to feed her the biscuits. We managed to catch hold of a guy who was rushing to the ATM machine. But he was so nervous he stuff the entire biscuit in her mouth! Hilarious!
Then she got this next.
#4: Sing to a random person and give them a hug
But she didn't want to do it and since she did such a great job that night haha we let her go.
And we finished off the Hen's Night with a sweet memory
#5: Print out pictures of the couple. Get a 2 guys and 2 ladies to write their well wishes on it, sign on it and put a kiss on it ( with lip stick)
Of course, we had to disregard the lip stick part. And just did the writing bit. It was such a good time getting people to write their well wishes on the couple pictures even though they don't know them. Its like sharing the happiness. There was also some cute one " Thanks for contributing to the marriage numbers in Singapore"

We all had such fun!
Once again congratulations babe :)


Reviving of this Blog :)

Dear readers and friends initially because of some error I had moved to www.givinginlife.blogspot.com 

However I managed to resolve it.

So I'm caught in between reviving this blog and also keeping the other.

So I have decided.

Shall let the focus of movie reviews and food (Lifestyle) on this blog. While my other blog will be kept for my entrepreneurial and start-up stories and experience. So stay tune to both okay.


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