Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Random rant

Its been a number of years since I started blogging and to me, its about recording my escapades and the causes I believe in. I don't write well. And sometimes I wonder is it because I don't spend enough time doing so. Or ?

What do I want to see in my blog that's important to me?

1. My views
2. People realizing whats' happening in the world
3. Sharing the good and the bad - food, events (most importantly experiences)

Random thoughts that I wanted to pen down.
As age catches up with me, and many new entries of bloggers with eloquent writing, I decided to remind myself of the purpose of this blog.

Thankful for the many years of invitations to events that I never would have gone if not being invited, dressing up as cartoon characters for movie screening, Designing jeans and shoes for a certain brand and many more.

To my readers, love yourself so others can love you too :)

Somewhat a foodie

Very particular about my food.
But yes its what breaks or makes my day.

After church, my cellies introduced me to this yummy place.
23 Jumpin
The Commerce Irving, #01-25, 1 Irving Pl, Singapore 369546

The crispy fried drumlets dribbled in honey.
And the duck confetti - though presentation was so so. The meat was very tender (but portions small?) Or was it nice and hence I did not feel it was enough? lol
Only 1 complain about the pork stew. I thought it would be like the beef goulash that I usually have, But this was too watery and the taste a little bland. And the pork ermm...

But their desserts redeemed that dish. 
Though I think they should have melted the marshmallow a little more and smear it a little over the waffle. The lava molten cake in the middle was the killer. Loved it!
The waffle if it had been thicker would also help add points to this dessert.

All in all,  4 stars our of 5. Would definitely be going there more often.

Out for another meal in Bugis and was thinking of what to eat. Seeing such good reviews for this place, Yoogane Bugis - being the best Galbi Chicken that taste just as it is in Busan according to the review, I was sorely disappointed.

Though service was fantastic, the food was bland I felt. And the chicken didn't feel all that fresh and chewy. Well the cheese idea was good though.

Was it me? Let me know. Being a big korean food lover, I don't know about going back there.

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