Sunday, March 11, 2012

Inspiring newspaper articles today - Offering a helping hand - anytime;anywhere

What I am also looking forward to create - a business that gives back to the community . And each time when I see or hear entrepreneurs giving back to the society or donating to the needy - I am so thankful. Though they cannot spare the time, they give by kind or provides avenues for their customers to also do so.

And for youngsters who have begin taking on an active role since young. Such exemplary models. Though I just hope there are also some from lesser well known schools. But still many claps:

And for those who can spare the time. Which is what I plan to do when I retire. Cheers for your hard work and planting the seeds. Though you may not be able to see the immediate fruits I am sure the slum children or the needy have felt your care somehow and if you manage to 'save' one from a hundred. It's still a major difference when you think of the many generations down the road. Keep that faith ! Cheers!

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