Monday, June 25, 2012

Play your part in growing Singapore as a green city

Have you been lamenting about the heat in Singapore? Have you been dismayed at the loss of greenery around Singapore? It's time for ourselves to do a part, rather than wait for someone to initiate it to us!

So what can we do as an individual?
1. The 3Rs- reduce, reuse and recycle
Try and separate those things that can be recycled and either reuse it ( eg plastic bag) or recycle your old newspapers or can drinks. And also reduce use of water and electricity - simple things like switching off the lights when you go out; wash your vegetables in a basin rather than just letting the water flow. And many more
As for air-condition, try and use it only when necessary- it consumes the most electricity.
1. Be encouraged to walk when you can and take public transport when you can. And even best cycle if you can.
Work place
1. Encourage your company people to take part in plant a tree program.
2. Set up a recycle bin

Let's work together to maintain and grow Singapore as a green lion city

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