Monday, December 24, 2012

Blessed Christmas Everyone!

Its been 2 fruitful years since I started blogging (introduced by my dear friend Mint - who stands as a testimony for someone who lives for her dream, her love - singing! Gambate! Jia you k!)

On this special day I want to give a loud shout-out Merry Christmas to all the dear bloggers I have met and my dear readers who sends me email messages - encouraging me, introducing me to nice places and movies and sharing your ideas and comments on what I have blogged about. THANK YOU!
Blogging has open my eyes to friends whom I might never have met. And also friends whom I have not seen for a long time but appear before me. That's the wonder of blogging.
And a new found joy!

To my fellow blogger friends ( Sorry if I miss anyone out. Getting older memory failing haha)
- Ruiting (  - Thanks for being my room mate at Genting and for sharing with me your life story like a friend. Heart. Meet up when you can k.
- Yingtian ( - Known her as a friend before I knew she was blogging. Have always been impressed by her fashion. Support!
- Jessie ( - Such a sweet friend. Has a great caring nature that makes you feel love. Hugs!
- Silver ( Knew her from Mint's birthday. And also much better from our genting trip. A very nice and considerate blogger with great voice. More KTVs to come k! Though she is famous, she treats everyone the same with such openness.
- Cynthia ( whom I met recently from the workshop. Totally love this girl and her baking skills are awesome. Remember me when you feel like teaching!
- Denise ( is someone I can talk to for ages! And her voice is magical too! Even though you are entering the working world, don't waste your singing talent k!
- Joey ( who won an award this year. Something with interesting thoughts about the future. Continue exploring life as it is babe!
- HP ( http: // and William ( with me indeed how much effort it takes to be a blogger. And its not just name sake. Its putting your heart and soul into the articles. And they do it because its a lifestyle.

Who else did I miss out??

To celebrate this festive occasion, I have prepared a gift for my dear readers :)
Just email me via on why you love Christmas
and a lucky 'commenter' stand to win this water fan spray!

 Ho Ho Ho!

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