Wednesday, September 25, 2013

1st Adventure race after graduation ( which was many years ago) ffwwwiigghhtting

Heard me ranting about wanting to join an Adventure race? I finally did it. Last Saturday. And I nearly died. Bruises everywhere is my mark of victory.

Ace adventure 2013. (21.09.2013) We were kept in suspense on the disciplines. And we told to just report with our bikes, harness and other equipment at botanical park at 730am. And the night before I had a meeting that lasted till 1am - and the excitement caused me to roll in bed for quite sometime- and when my alarm rang at 530am - I groaned!

Made sure my bikes were fully pumped and my equipments all in check. I made my way to botanical gardens.

Us full of energy and pumped.
At 830am we waiting in front of the big countdown clock,10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1..... And off we go!
First leg being running. And boy was it a long run of all terrains. All the way from botanical gardens to macritchie reservoir.
I think it was close to 12km. (I felt so sorry to my teammates but I had to speed walk at multiple parts of the running journey as my heartrate was racing and I did not have my music to calm me down and pace me - making me fully aware of my heart beating hard against my chest)

And in the middle of it all, they made us climb that never-ending stairs at the Jelutong Tower.

With all competitive adventure races, there are always pacers and navigators in a team. Here's one way of helping one another in runs.

Second leg of the race was biking off road. Totally my thing. But the worse thing happened. I ran out of water and the water points ran out of water too. And under that hot sun. And heat emanating from the ground. And muddy paths. I'm glad I made it to the point by stopping the other cyclist along the way and asking for a sip of water from their water bag! Dehydration!

At this pit stop 4?point telok blangah ? Bus terminal, nearly shouted hallelujah that when I saw it was a water point. Drank my fill. ( I really can't imagine those countries in drought and during heat waves). And we made our way to the nearby hdb block park that needed us to climb many many steps up to Hort park? Area. My legs were jelly by then.

Finishing pit stop 5? Went back to pit stop 4 to do the biathlon. Now. 2 persons have to run and 1 cycle. Still under that crazy hot sun.

And at pit stop 6 we cycle all the way back to pit stop 3 and beyond to find some old bridge and small path ( which had many of us lost) and we finally appeared at some quarry after getting lost in some forest. 

The sad thing was by the time we completed these and made out way for pit stop 7 and 8 for the abseiling etc the station had already closed. We missed it by 20 minutes. It was such a sad and disappointing feeling since we rushed and tried to reach that point afte buying all the equipments.

But anyway a pat on my back. Good job! Till the next adventure race. 

Us after close to 9 hours of adventure racing.
Dirty. Tired. But satisfying.

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