Monday, March 17, 2014

Yum cha - in the heartlands of serangoon gardens

Was just wondering what to eat around my neighborhood when I was invited by my friend William for yum cha near my place. It's been a while since I was lamenting to my brother how come there's no new good food near our place and that we always have to travel so far - but now the solution is here - yum cha at serangoon gardens country club. 

No worries if a country club may seem inaccessible. It's open to public! And most importantly there's sufficient parking. 

And the best thing is there's an a la carte buffet dinner package now where if you have 3 paying diners 1 gets it for free. Ok. That a great catch for me. With such great flavored dishes, it's a great place to hang out for families and friends. My next gathering I'm sure will be there. 

Let me share with you a brief of the dishes and why I kinda rave about it. 

Appetizers! My favorite silver fish. If you have been to Philippines you must have eaten this too. But theirs is probably much smaller form. I like this. Crunchy yet chewy with the tinge of salt. Love' 

Next that of the fried fish skin. I don't know what powder was that on it. But I loved it. Personally I'm a person who hates fish skin because I think it's .... But this dish doesn't have the fishy taste at all
Then we started on the main dishes. 
My favorites were the prawns. Which were so fresh and sweet. Specially when steam, it's important that the prawns are fresh so it doesn't have an after Taste. Fantastic! And we also had the salted egg fried prawns. I am a fan of salted eggs and when there's prawns that's juicy and fresh what more can I say. 

We also tried the deep fried soft shell crab with pepper and salt. I was overwhelmed by this dish because it was so simple yet so tasty. And soft shell crab is my weakness. But definitely worth a try. It's addictive though! 

As for the steam slice fish with caipoh, I would love it if was cod fish because it would add a certain level in taste and would neutralize the saltiness in the dish. But overall I would say it was a good mix. I'm also a fan of chwee kueh so.... Haha.  

Being a veggie lover, I love the crispness in the vegetables. And because the seasonings were light. It were good dishes to add to the other dishes. And if you are a veggie lover that like, the sweetness and crunch of the vegetables are what makes a good veggie dish. Thumbs up. 

Ending off the main dishes was the crispy chicken and the coffee ribs. The crispy chicken was a fav with many of my friends and I kinda ate all the toppings. Its was nicely fried and not oily which was the Crux of the dish. As for the coffee ribs, Ive had it in many restaurants in Malaysia and Singapore and I like the fact that theirs has a very bitter taste to it. Just like coffee. But it's an acquired taste so each to each. Oh before I forget, there were strawberry bits in the coffee ribs dish to add on a sweet taste. A good thought to that.

Okay before you starting omg these famished group of people. 
We were really full by this time 
But hearing good remarks about their yum cha dian xin how could we not? Specially for their flowing custard bun. Awesome! 
Haha. And being ladies how could we forget dessert. Fresh Mango sago . Such a refreshing end to the meal. 

Ah.... Will be back' 

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