Thursday, October 2, 2014

Linked In List of 10 Bay Area Startups - Techies

LinkedIn released its list of the 10 Bay Area startups that are most in demand by local techies.

Here's the list:
1. Lytro: Makes cameras that uses light-field technology to allow people to shoot first, capturing the entire depth of field, and then refocus later. A new high-end model is being called "the camera of the future."
2. Theranos: Revolutionizing blood diagnostic tests by requiring only a pinprick and a drop of blood to perform hundreds of tests at a fraction of the cost and time. Elizabeth Holmes, a Stanford dropout who founded the company with her college fund, was just named one of the richest women in America.
3. FitbitMakes the wristbands popular with everyone from politicians to fashion designers that monitor the wearer's activity.
4. CourseraPartners with universities and organizations to offer free online courses. Some think it could upend higher ed.
5. Minted: Online marketplace for independent art and design.
6. WealthfrontOnline low-cost portfolio manager that's been endorsed by many Silicon Valley techies. Investing guru Burton Malkiel, author of A Random Walk Down Wall Street, is the chief investment officer.
7. Bromium: Digital security company that uses a technology called "micro-virtualization" to protect against malware.
8. Twilio: Cloud communications company that lets Web developers integrate phone calls, text messages and VoIP into their software.
9. Egnyte: Provides file sharing for businesses, giving users access to data from any device.
10. Leap Motion: Makes device that allows users to control their computers, Mission Impossible-style, with a wave of their hands.

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