Tuesday, September 22, 2015

The Idea Village picks 15 startups for next business accelerator season

Always love how startups are born from trying to solve problems.
Upcoming are 15 startups that Idea Village had picked for the next business accelerator season. 

So I've added the extra info I found on each startup :p

  • iSeeChange, Julia Kumari Drapkin – A "community-driven almanac" that lets users record local observations about the changing environment and compare it to NASA satellite data. http://thealmanac.org/about.php
Okay I don't really understand the importance of this startup but it seems quite a big thing with so many sponsors and investors.

  • Grok + Bankter, Staacy Cannon & Keegan Brown – An ad-tech company that has developed proprietary technology to trace offline connections through devices and can measure the effectiveness of advertising.
Grok + Banter is an ad-tech company in the Internet of Things and big data space. We have built a proprietary system that intuitively deciphers the offline world through connected devices, which enables us to measure the effectiveness of out of home advertising. 
  • Lend Stand, Aaron DeLong – An online lender to businesses and nonprofits.
Lend Stand is an online lender to businesses and nonprofits working in the public enterprise space.  Lend Stand provides simple, convenient financing to small businesses working with federal, state, or local government agencies and to nonprofits working with development organizations.
  • Freesource, John-Michael Alderson, Adam Mitchell & Dustin Renaud– An alternative ad agency providing "scalable, social responsible" marketing solutions for small business and nonprofits.
Freesource delivers a scalable, socially responsible marketing model that rethinks the way services are delivered. By offering an alternative to the traditional ad agency, we increase efficiencies for businesses, support and connect the creative community and offer a self-sustaining resource that helps startup non-profits grow and thrive.
  • Juggle, Brendan Minard & Sonny Smith – A tool for mobile companies to manage and organize a freelance workforce.
uggle is an essential tool for mobile companies and their ‘gig economy’ workforce to organize and optimize their daily activities while adjusting for changes on the fly.
  • The Sweat Social, Rupa Mohan & Manoj Mohan – Fitness solutions for travelers visiting New Orleans.
The Sweat Social provides fitness solutions for travelers visiting New Orleans who want to look their best, energize their trip, connect with the city and go home in shape, feeling great.  

Digital MediaX
  • Culturalyst, Sam Bowler – A web platform that allows users to easily "discover and directly support local culture."
  • DreamStarter, Arielle Jordan & Kaitlin Kubisch -- A web platform that connects people to self-help experts.
  • Kudoboard, Aaron Rubens – An online tool that allows groups of users to gather photos, videos and messages of appreciation -- a.k.a. "kudoboards" -- and send to friends and family.
  • MySpiltMilk.com, Alex Rawls -- A website covering New Orleans music and culture.
  • Toured, Karynn Verrett – A mobile app that provides personalized travel content to individuals. 
  • OBOCS, Julie Kuchta & Michael Miller -- OBOCS stands for on-board oil containment systems, which allow boom to be deployed immediately and quickly at the site of a spill.
OBOCS provides a unique system of oil spill containment wherein boom can be deployed immediately at the site of a spill without the need for external air blowers or support vessels. The boom is inflated as it comes off of the reel, resulting in decreased time, labor, and resources required for deployment in the event of a spill and it can be deflated as it returns to the reel when being used for training purposes. 
  • Louisiana Technical Instruments, Chad Deville -- A startup that helps pipelines meet emissions standards through a technology that reduces "methane bleed."
Louisiana Technical Instruments specializes in the emerging methane emissions reduction market. Our technology adapts to pre-existing controllers to drastically reduce methane bleed, thus improving the environment and helping pipelines achieve the new emissions standards moving forward. 
  • 3rd Dimension Media, Brett Gauthier -- A services firm that provides 3D animation, interactive training and marketing materials for use at trade shows, company meetings and in training.
3rd Dimension Media specializes in technical 3D animations, interactive training, and sales/marketing Solutions. Their product is an essential way to capture your audience at trade shows, presentations, and in the training room. 
  • Data Specialties Group, John Tauriac – A service company that combines data, electronic maintenance systems and real-time visualizations to improve oil and gas well monitoring.
Data Specialties Group is a data monitoring, manufacturing, and service company that provides vertical surveillance solutions for creating safer operations in hazardous environments. They integrate condition based monitoring, electronic maintenance systems, and real time visualizations into Intelligent well monitoring.

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