Thursday, December 19, 2019

What are the issues that needs to be resolved?

Some off the cuff Thoughts

1. Seeing meaning in our work
It is important for the generation to feel meaning and hence able to work as a community for the betterment of the society at large and also for the future of the country moving ahead
What are the ways we can become a community
Is it about being aware?
Is it about integration?
Is it about values?
Is it necessary to do something out of daily schedule?

2. Finding a right fit job
Many of our generations follow the flow and hope it leads us somewhere
Hence many go through a mid life crisis at a certain point of time
What are the ways it can be better crafted out?
Are current career counselors at schools sufficient?
Are there sufficient mentoring at the work place?

3. Lower income children having a role model
Not all, but a group of them has no one to seek advice, and does not have the mentoring to know what else is out there for them in the world so they can work towards it
And always being given handouts, I wonder if its beneficial or harmful to them because they begin to feel comfortable in being given without working hard for it, and some no longer find the will to make a life for themselves and sadly their children.
How can we pair the understanding of community giving and giving back in the ways they can to set a good example for their children?
How do we enhance their desire of self-independence?

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