Sunday, May 22, 2011

Adidas All 24 @ Scape

Got invited to the 24 hours Adidas event- AdidasAll24 held at Scape (Youth Park) @ Orchard.
Went down on Saturday (21st May) to get my T-Shirt and on Sunday (22nd May) for the hip hop work shop.

This 24 hours event consist of basketball matches, football matches, Skate Boarding, dance workshops, fashion and graffiti - to re-connect with the young.

98.7 DJs were the host for the day.
With Adidas displaying videos of local talents for breakdance
For skate boarding
For local fashion designers - in the picture below is one of the shoe design.
It also showed the process of how the idea came up and how it evolved into the shoe as shown.

For the start of the basketball and football matches, For Saturday it was a game between local celebrities and local media.

And the event started off with the local talent hip-hop group

I was then attracted to the fashion booth.
The participants were selected via a online selection after they submitted their idea design.
And now this 24 hours event will give them an opportunity to translate their idea into reality.
The participants were given either a watch to design or a adidas shoe to design.
Here's one of the participant who was trimming velvet and felt cloth for her shoe design.
( Scroll down till the end for her finish work on Sunday!) # Candidate 1

Next was another participant who chose his design with the word adidas in it. ( you can see his progress in a while, Scroll down) # candidate 2
And this participant who even brought her own sewing machine for the shoe design! #candidate 3

During the night, I made my way down to check out the graffiti wall as it begins in its stages. So exciting! I always wonder how artis

Went back to the Fashion booth and spotted a fellow Blogger who was with her friend, who was also a blogger as below. #Candidate 4

Back to #candidate 1 to see her progress. She realises that her felt does not stick on the shoe nicely. So she was advised by 'a personnel' to use scotchtape on it first. It works!
Candidate #2 design nearly finished!
New candidate #5. He is using shiny stick on. Its like a retro shoe. I like the fact that it is popping out.
#candidate 3 in progress of the personnel coaching.
Candidate #4 deep in concentration and accuracy.
# candidate 5 doing it carefully.
Next day when I went back to the venue!
Oooo! The graffiti wall was nearly done. And there was smaller graffitis boards. The ones that they were doing their signatures on! Nice!!! Who says Singapore has no talent?

I think we should have some areas that we will allow people to graffiti. Creativity!
But pls seek permission first. (In Singapore, its a crime to vandalise anything.- regardless of how good your design is)

Candidate #1 and #3 finished piece in the morning. They, still look so fresh.

And candidate #4 my friend's friend watch! Looking nice and interesting. And if you look closer, it has the words blog in it :)

I then made my way for the hip hop work shop.
Young and old - all together.

Alot of hard work for this 24 hours adidas event in Singapore.

There will also be an upcoming one in Malaysia
Here's the details :
Adidas is having a 24 hours event this coming June called as Adidas All24 that will consist most of the passion that Adidas do support such as BMX Stunt, BMX Flatland, Skateboard, Breakdance, Graffiti, football, basketball and fashion.. There also will be a party and a lot more excitement that you cant be missed!
Check their website for more info-

Will be happening this coming 4th of June 2011 at Bukit Kiara Skatepark, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
Starting at 9pm on 4th June 2011 (Saturday) and will end at 9pm on 5th June 2011 (Sunday).
24 hours of fun and excitement.

Adidas All In 24 from kayuhbmx on Vimeo.

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