Monday, May 9, 2011

Auntie Kim (Korean food ) n Skinny Pizza (Western)

Its late at night now but I am gonna share with you some of the amazing food I have tasted these few days in a short review.

The first place I am going to review is a Korean restaurant called
265A Upper Thomson Road, (S)574392

I got to know about this place by recommendation in some blogs.
And it was good! Yummy. The price is on a slightly high side but it was worthwhile :)

So here's the pictures

The side dishes
Kimchi Pancake - delicious. It was crisy and not oily.
Dukbokki - I like the Odengi (fishcakes) - I like how it is not that spicy and yet still having the sweet korean sauce taste. Chewy and nice.
The famous Ginseng Chicken soup - it felt very nourishing
And of course Korean classic photos to add to the atmosphere. With Korean Songs playing in the background.
Thumbs up for Auntie Kim, Will be going back there with my parents soon :)

And the second place I am going to review is
the famous Skinny Pizza @ Raffles City

For a person who does not like Pizza, it was really lovely.

We started our meal with this alcoholic drink - shiok! It have such a nice fruity mix to it. Nice!
And we had our mixtures of pizzas. Deeeeellllliiicccciiioouusss :) And because the crust is so thin, it makes you feel like you are eating biscuits, hence not fattening and not overwhelming.
The scary thing however is that you will keep eating and eating and you still don't feel full.

So as I chance upon the table beside me eating this octopus sauce risotto, how could I resist? And it was heavenly. Always loved risottos :)
Thumbs up up up up.
If only it was not as costly. hahahaha...

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