Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Review : Milo 3-in-1 easy cool

My Milo pack has appeared! It's the new Milo 3-In-1 easy cool pack. Those that know me knows how much I love Milo. I have Milo In the morning with biscuits and in the office I eat Milo powder when I have a craving for chocolate and I have Hot Milo when I go for supper. And last time wheb i was in malaysia i had a milo yogurt during meal breaks( have been lamenting to my friend how it has disappeared from Malaysia supermarkets) it was absolutely delicious! And now with the new easy cool pack where you just have to pour 2 sachets of 3-in-1 easy cool then add in an amount of cold water shake it - this is so going to be my after exercise drink now! Lol. And I am going to have my night Milo milk shake!

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