Thursday, May 2, 2013 at honglim park: Community Gathering!

Labor day was truly meaningfully spent with the invitation from to witness community spirit and bonding without strings attached.

Holding at Hong Lim park where 'grievances of Singaporeans' normally are staged, they faced quite alot of negative comments online. But personally, I felt it is thus such a apt place to hold the event - reminding people that We are Singaporeans. Despite all the differences. It is us as an individual that can make Singapore a better place to live in. 
and more...
Really heartfelt effort from the organizers who initiated this event.

From the set-up

People started coming with their mats and those without started sharing mats
At around 10am, the excitement started! 
Theme: Time to come together as a community to make things come true
Here's how it goes
The community does tasks to unlock the stations so everyone can get to enjoy the station.

Interactions with people around


And one by one, 
Ice cream store was the first to be unlocked!
Ukelele next!
Facepaint next! 
Waiting for the popcorn and candy floss station to be unlocked!
And yay! Finally!
Unlocking the childhood items station!
And the final hurdle. 
All stations are unlocked with the help of the community effort.
Amazing feeling!

Enjoying the fruits of labor!

Families bonding
Body and face Painting
Ballon sculpting

Met new friends here!
One of my new found friend made cupcakes to share around.
Such sweet messages!
And another!
Nachos with 4 sauces that represent each race!
Truly unique as each sauce had different spices.
Chicken rice seasoning, curry etc etc
Heartshape cupcakes!
So pretty!
Ending the event with the releasing of ballons of all our wishes for Singapore and our next few months resolutions to fulfill that wish

It can be as simple as "Make Singapore a happier place - by giving a sincere compliment to someone in the office everyday"

More such events please!
Such a happy day!
Indeed the world can become a better place if everyone played a part and does things for the benefit of the community instead of only thinking about themselves.
Its like a cycle that knows no end. Wealth. Career. But we have been so attune to the rat race that we now find it hard to truly enjoy but to slog each day wanting more.

A question I would like to leave with everyone
Are you living a life filled with more wants than needs?

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