Tuesday, April 30, 2013

New taste of the exotic Mediterran​ean pizzas at Dominos

Pizza Party at Dominos!
I admit that I first ordered Dominos when I saw it on fellow blogger William Blog and he had that 50% discount. Too hard to resist. So at the first chance when my company wanted to order some comfort food, I got to my quick fingers, and ordered dominos.

So how can I miss this food tasting session by Dominos - Revealing to us their new taste of the exotic Mediterran​ean pizzas.

Before I forget
They are having this great deal!
2 Regular Pizzas @ S$22 (Save S$23.60)
2 Large Pizzas @ S$33 (Save S$26.60)


And this is my Favorite!  Diavola Beef - which has a taste of spicyness
And personally I'm a fan of beef!

And my 2nd Favorite! Portofino Prawn.
The juicy crunchy prawns and the spinach are such a wonderful mix!

For this called Romano Magherita, we were picking off the cherry tomatoes off the pizza because it was just too delicious. Sweet toasted/oven baked cherry tomatoes. Lovely!

Here's the final of the range - Basilico Chicken. 
Not really my cup of tea because there is a strong taste of cabbage I think.
But I like the onions which are crispy and sweet.

Much thanks to the staff who heard my favorite was Hawaiian and they brought out one too!
In addition, to this which they highly recommended to me. 
I like it but the white sauce base might be a little too much for me.
I'm a lover of original spaghetti tomato sauce. 

Showcasing what they are known for! Fantastic customer service!
Before my eyes also appeared some snacks and desserts. 
Yummy Thai Seasoning chicken bites with mayonnaise
Irresistable Chocolate Lava Cake. Totally Awesome!

Being bloggers as we are, of course I have to take some photos of bloggers in action!


We love it and I believe you will too!

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