Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Cylcing on the rolling Hills of Bintan :)

Last weekend, met up with a group of cyclist to 'conquer the rolling hills of Bintan. (Okay, before I went, I was told about the nice scenery and the food, that's it)

In the wee hours of morning, made my way to the Tanah Merah Ferry Terminal ( To be frank, I felt like I was in dreamland. )
With the help of our guide, we checked in our bikes. And got our tickets.

And off on the ferry, we boarded.

Once I boarded the ferry, I entered into deep lala land. Only woke up when the ferry sounded its horn to announce arrival.

Welcoming back our bikes :)

We loaded the car with our bags and loaded our body with spare tubes, money, passport and water.
And from this moment on, it was "OMG" for me.
Not having sufficient breakfast, my stomach started to churn acid juice and cramps start to come (AND not go!) Then the hills appeared in my view. "OMG OMG OMG!"
Cyclists call this part" The dragon's Back"

Thankfully there was a rest stop for lunch. Food was good! But I only managed to push some food down my throat.
Nasi Goreng.
Tahu Goreng.

After what truly seemed like eternity, (Probably 5 hours of riding under the very hot sun)  we reached the resort. The end of my first day - down with heatstroke. Started having headaches and vomiting spells. Felt like a weakling (haha)

Sad! Did not manage to taste the chili crab, fried calamari etc. because of my churns. Tumbled into bed - close to losing consciousness. At 7pm.

Thankfully, woke up at 3am. Felt lots better. Drank loads of water to keep myself hydrate.
And lovely, at 7pm. My stomach was growling and I quickly made my way down to breakfast buffet.
Here's the picture of our wonderful resort "AGRO BINTAN RESORTS"

By God's grace, I felt strong and dandy on this second morning and had the mood to appreciate the scenery around me.

 The joyful thing was that 2nd day ride was much shorter and its felt much easier.
Within a blink of an eye, our acommodation for 2nd day came into sight
Comfort Hotel

And we also had the opportunity to go shopping at Ramayana Mall and did a massage opposite the mall which they said were fantastic.
At night,
Fire crackers sold at the store opposite the road.
Good food!
We were crazy. Tried many different flavors mix.
1. Cheese and Chocolate chip - My favorite because of the mix of sweet and salty
2. Pulut Hitam  - The coconut in it were so fresh. But it was a bit too heavy for me. Alot of them loved it though.
3. Condense Milk and Chocolate - Sugar High. Enough said.
4. Banana and Chocolate - I like bananas. And it being hot bananas. Nice!

Then the satay Madura.
I like the taste of the sauce. But this street food stall were a little stingy with its meat.
And each day it gets better.
Body conditioning.

I'll be back Bintan :)

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