Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Noise exhibition 2013

Much thanks to Jessie, we got invitation to noise showcase 2013.A lover of art and innovation-I literally jumped at this chance.nodded my head enthusiastically for this event opportunity. And boy was I not disappointed. Singapore indeed has such talents! 

Noise singapore mission is to provide an avenue and also bring more awareness to the creative talent- in art, music and production- of young Singaporeans aged 35 and below.
Just like the sports scene, I'm always heartened to hear that something is done for the community of talents we have and i think awareness to the public is the most effective way for more funds to flow in to support the cause. 

Here's a few of the art showcase that I loved! 

I like how it captures that vulnerability through its expression, it's body language and it's veil. 

Are Singaporeans truly people-made? Why are we trained to be like this from young but when older forced to think out of the box and explore possibilities? And speaking to many of my peers, many question who am I? At work. At home. In public. Do we hide behind masks to be who others want us to be? 
Reminded me of child abuse. Sick perpetrators we always say. But have we at times do this to our maids? Sit them at a table separate from ours? Work them hard because a salary is being given? 
What's beauty? Every girls dream is to be a model - of what beauty is perceived. But don't forget! Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder and confidence is the true beauty. Love yourself and others will love you as you are. 
We all want our children to be a mold of greatness and goodness. Have you Realised they might be suffocated from expectations and from pressure?
Find me. 
Eyes is the window to your soul. What more to say? 
I like to be fruity. I love such fashion like shots. It creates such an interesting feel. 
Plastic love. Recycle. A new identity. 
Love dance forms. The pointed toes. The stretch of the arms. The angle. The lightness and the jump. 
Falling. Help me. All they need is support. Someone to hold them and tell them it's all okay. 
Soloist. Individual. Loneliness that brings comfort. I feel like that sometimes. Rather be surrounded by truth rather than crowd.
Uncertainty principle. Blended and formed. The more you know the more uncertain you are. Be like the children - the ones who are fearless and tries everything and anything. 

For noise 2013, they decided to put art in another form. In cones. Where viewers and art become one in solitude. 

Thank you noise 2013 for opening my eyes to the talents of Singapore and also inspiring me to draw again and continue taking photos to translate messages across. 

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