Sunday, February 2, 2014

My personal take on the art work done for N.E.mation!8

I'm a huge fan of any who create something out of nothing -  because the process of thought just amazes me. With skills, one can create wonders that few knows. It may not be the best but the start is always the spark that makes miracles.

Well, enough of my words of wisdom. (Haha)

N.E.mation!8 is here!
And its time to vote for the final 'products' of creation.

Greater Heights
by Alpacalypse, CHIJ St. Nicholas Girls' School
Everyone has to do their part to achieve greater heights
- In it showcases everyone caring as one - everyone contributing their part - I like the part where a neighbor brought in curry to the lift, and the other neighbor offered her his loaf of bread. I couldn't feel the connection in the different pictures but I'm glad that in their video it included all the races living in harmony which was what Singapore represented.

Reframe, Don’t Refrain
by Dairy Products, School of the Arts This clip uses frames to show how Singaporeans can step out of their comfort zones to play their part in fighting dengue and help one another.
- In it showcases someone who fainted and one girl leading him to A&E etc. Not much clue what this video entails. In my mind, I just keep thinking of  a Korean MV that had a similar concept.

Prison “Break”
by Delta-Gaytors, CHIJ St. Nicholas Girls' School
This clip shows the life story of a business man who was succumbed to bribery. But he was caught and imprisoned soon after. He repented and managed to pick himself up with the help of the Yellow Ribbon Project and became successful with a new business setup.
- In it they use monopoly board game as a representation. This primarily talks about the now famous guy who sets up a restaurant and hires the ex-convicts. Though its a good thing, I think its becoming overly hyped and personally, I don't think this is representative of Singapore as a whole.

Every Man’s Journey
by Hashtag, School of Science and Technology, Singapore
This clip features the journey of a National Serviceman and how other people in his life have played a part in his journey and contributed to the 30 years of total defence.
- In it showcases about a national service guy journey. One person? Not for me. Probably should have showcases a number of different NS, police, fireman etc guys and them in action.

Keeping Watch
by Momento Mori, CHIJ St. Nicholas Girls' School
Uses parts of a watch as metaphor to show that every part are like Singaporeans, which are all important, no matter how small they may seem.
- In it showcases what makes us Singaporeans tick. And I love how it is able to connect the different periods of our life. NS Boys, work, HDBs etc
3rd B-E-S-T to me :)

It Takes More...
by Partta Kappa, School of the Arts
This clip uses silhouette play to bring attention to the less acknowledged roles which have been significant in establishing the successful nation we have today.
- In it showcases how one can't do the job but requires a nation, in all things that we do. I like how it addresses alot of the current issues we face in Singapore - societal, financial, safety etc \
B-E-S-T to me :)

Because “I” Play A Part
by Synch, Kent Ridge Secondary School
This clip uses typography to illustrate and highlight the importance of “I” and its role in playing a part in many different Singapore campaigns and events like racial riots, yellow ribbon project, SARS and haze.
- In it showcases the solutions to our current problems. I like how it has an emotional feel to it. And it combines the I to SINGAPORE.
2nd B-E-S-T to me :)

Unsung Heroes
by The 4 of Us II, Tanglin Secondary School
True life accounts of three Singaporeans who have played a part in contributing to Total Defence.
- In it showcases again individuals which does not represent us. out for me.

by Unicornsandrainbows;), Orchid Park Secondary School
This clip shows that one can influence others to do their part and anyone can contribute to society, regardless of age.
- In it showcases issues that are more of a gracious campaign rather than actual community - eg. lost child, pregnant women, blood donations

Quilted Together
by WAYNE STARK CO., Methodist Girls' School (Secondary)
This clip uses quilt patches as a metaphor to show how Singaporeans come together and play their part for Singapore based on their different talents and passion.
-In it showcases the story of a quilt ......

Just sharing my thoughts
How about you?

By the way kudos to all the students who spent nights and days poring and racking your brains to produce these wonderful animations. Continue to strive on. 

Closing date: 15th Feb 2014.

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