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15th Startup Singapore 2014

Made my way to the 15th Startup Singapore with high hopes. Like a real scene of Shark Tank or Dragon Dens. Off to NUS I did. But I was sorely disappointed though I had some takeaways. 

I'm really cringing at the comments of some of the judges.
1. One who keep saying Yes that's a good idea. (Thats it)
2.  One who asked whether have has an MBA in their team since the presenter was an engineer. And when one mentions yes, he says ah thats good (Thats it)
3. One who says the presenter should not wear such tight pants if he was going to do some actions.

Okay shall not drone on that. 

Here's the finalist projects. Some which (surprisingly) are still in the idea stage. Not even the prototype is created. And when asked to what stage, they use the 'create smoke' technique which I totally dislike.

1. Karboneum - Plans to solve the problem of recycling plastic-the problem was the cost of collection and that of segregating plastic - So their idea is to invent something that can do so. 

My view: Got a little lost here.

2. Greyserflickers - Great enthusiastic beginning by asking questions about daily life. Plans to create a circuit breakers to manage huge water tanks in Africa. Where one can try to keep them hot - rather than having to wake up early to on the heater to warm.
The best suggestion from the judge why not do something locally. Let the circuit breakers set a timer meaning one can set a time the night before and automatically at a time when wake up it starts heating and breaks off once its being used.

My view: Quite an interesting idea. But wonders if it would incur more electricity cost.

3. Project herme - Plans to be food waste solution- Mentions in 2011, there was a company that did this however one couldn't get enough waste and huge amount money sorting the waste - so their plan is to sort waste at its source. Put product at the home to convert. Says if smell put at the bin. Incentive with cash for the Food sorting. 

My view: I like this idea about creating value for the consumer by incentivising with cash for the consumer if they do the proper food sorting. Just wondering about the costs and if profits are large enough.

4. Novelsys - Plans for a sleeve that can store all the wires and chargers and when open up becomes a mat. Getting it out there market ready prototype in September pricing $37.  One of the judge mention a similar product in China.

My view: If China has it and yours is $37, unless you can really provide it much more substantially rather than it having an extra function as a mat. hmmm...

5. Heroina - A walking stick that can open up. Its already in the final stage of prototype and have been tested by a number of hospitals. Also have put patents on design and functionality.

My view: Most promising. Considering our aging society and that in many parts of the world. If its true that no one can created it yet.

6. Kurano - accelerate learning - efficiency generated still unknown . Simulated surgeries. June 2015. Very initial phase of prototype 

My view: Its an idea. Need more research.

7. Pamperlogist - search local by price and location solely on beauty. Will capture specially those small shops that is not on internet. Plans to have this in a number of countries. One of the judge says he likes this as he always cuts his hair when he goes overseas as he has more time.

My view:  Nowadays, we can even add comments on google map. Eg bicycle shops that is not internet savvy has already appeared. Do I need this? And if its beauty, will I trust someone who has not done it before? Will the review be justified? And if its in Japan for instance, and all reviews are in Japanese, how do I understand what is written? Just see the stars grading?

8. Rev up - Plans to let students or anyone upload perhaps notes and using logarithms in the system, concept maps and MCQs will be generated so one can test knowledge.

My view: If its really automatic, this is great but it needs to have a lot of different logarithms. And people have different learning styles so perhaps this can be explored? If its still manually operated, I wonder how it can be sustained.

9. Collappe - eg when you wassap it detects date and event auto loads it into the calender 

 My view: Its really great. Considering how it can save alot of trouble by having us to scroll all the way up again.

10. Beyond intelligence -  through cloud tracking this device helps to convey the emotion of the performer during performance to coach or physio. They plan to sell it as a service where the analysis predict what can happen next so the coaches can pre-empt.
 One judge suggest electric shots when something is being done wrongly. (haha. Like the olden time training - if you sleep while studying, it pulls your hair).

My view: Interesting idea. Specially during live matches. One can gauge in closer details what causes the reaction and how to better it.

10. Inni - Plans for one to get beautiful nails at their convenience - printed nail stickers- so one don't have to wait till it dries. Can get any size any time. its cheaper than nail art. People order it online. Small so it's ordinary postage. Judge suggests they can work with those printers label or those camera shops that are in every neighborhood so its the ease of collect immediately. 

My view: Good for lazy people who still like beautiful nails. Or for children who likes to beautify themselves. Also good for people who want quick fix.

The winners of the Challenge!

I think the speech by the Director of NUS Entrepreneurship and Minister Lee was the best. 
Points I have taken note:
- Create new business making the current business wonder if they are missing out something
- There are always Possibilities
- Internet has made funding and information possible
- Everyone need to be a global start up. New initiatives. 


*Above are views of my own and snippets of what I can remember. No intention to misquote if any.

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