Friday, June 27, 2014

Social Entrepreneurship Building Canvas - to learn or unlearn

Grateful for the event by Envisage, I attended the Social Business Model Canvas which is for Aspiring Social Entrepeneurs who will eventually be pitching their idea to ACE and a panel of advisors on 17th July 2014 for a funding of $15k (if I didn't remember wrongly).

For me, I don't plan to pitch but plans to incorporate some elements of it in my current company - social responsibility and all. We have done some community projects but I believe there's more that can be done. So here I am.

Leading up to the pitching, weekly there will be topics to help one plan.

I missed the first one -
Topic:Introduction of social entrepreneurship , social needs analysis and social impact modelling.
"It is the heart that matters - understanding your beneficiary ; sustainable social change through the social impact model"

Went for the 2nd one where we talked about the potential ideas that people had in the room
Topic: Building Blocks of business, Identifying customers needs and core competency and understanding your value proposition

"Can the Social Business Model Canvas Survive? - What's out there? How much of the beneficiary? How much of business?"

-Ok I don't know if its alright to share it here. But I guess feedback is also welcome right.

Here's some of the ideas
1. Cafe for the Hearing impaired
2. Events for the youth-at-risk
3. Using wasted materials to good use eg. Wallet with useless belts
4. All-in-1 natural shampoo and soap thing (Ok. I didn't understand this idea)
5. Solar Panels for the Rural
6. Financial Literary for the Rural

These ideas are okay. But nothing unique right. Seems to be duplicates of current ideas.

Bring us back to the question- Singapore or External?
What are the needs of the current community?
Who has the least help?
 How can it help their generations?

And this week.
Topic: Communicating with customers, Marketing Techniques and Sales Channels

"Ask for money without going overboard - and make sure it truly goes to a better cause"
Sharing by Eco events -  social enterprise
(my own interpretation)
where she talked about changing your idea to suit the needs
but not going too far from your ideals
Do more than what is necessary for your clients and also remember to always share your cause

And most importantly. how do you differentiate yourself

I like how they think and reflect on their model and keep improvising it
And act on their ideas

Encouraged me to do something about my ideas * Ponders

Oh yes, and here's the social impact model

- Plough back profit model (where people donate a certain % of profits back to a cause)
- Subsidized services model (E.g you make food so you sell it to the community at a lower cost)
- Work Integration model (Find work/ livelihood for those marginalized by the society)
- Social Needs Model ( everything else e.g. global warming group, educational events)

* Work Integration Model - *Ponders - Question that comes back to me: Who else in Singapore requires assistance?

And a business enterprise perspective -which gave me many insights
(my own interpretation)
Humanize your brand
Put yourself in your customers shoes and keep asking "why and what do they need"
Help your customers justify why they need to pay you
Out-Teach your competitors - E.g. Amazon who came up with the one click so the billing details were already inside and just one click means the item is bought - such a simple idea but worked wonders

The next few sessions will be held at the same place

Scape Hub Quarters Building Level 4

Its open to all. All ages. All backgrounds.
According to what I know.

7.30pm to 10.30pm

Come Along.


Here's a sample I found quite interesting

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