Sunday, December 14, 2014

Farm visit in Singapore

Made our way on our bicycles to lim chu kang for the farms - 

#1 Bollywood veggies - we had the honor of having uncle Bollywood veggies to bring us around the garden and explanation of the vegetation 
Before we left we filled our stomach
The veggie platter seems the best. 
The guys said the nasi lemak was good - but my idea is come to veggie garden and eat something with no veggies? 
Our soup of the day was just a few pieces of carrots with radish soup. 
 And for the jackfruit salad it's acquired taste. A little curry powder in it so its a little spicy to me. 

A good place to chill though :)

#2 jurong frog farm

Where firstly i had to kiss a frog to find my Prince Charming haha

It's great that they have ambassadors/ workers of the frog farm standing there to explain any questions that we had. Great information.

And also the tadpoles
I felt bad because while walking through the farm all I could think of was 田鸡粥 frog porridge. 

And of course while we were there, the vain guys took to the hasima and bought many bowls to beautify their skin. 

I find it quite sadistic to eat frog leg meat beside the alive frogs though. Hahaha

#3 hay Daries goat farm 
I was in india for a year and drank india version of goat milk which is pure and hence a little sour - and I was not used to it. But surprisingly the one here is sweetened which tastes just like normal milk. 

An educational and eye opener trip. Good to bring children along too :)

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