Sunday, December 21, 2014

Teambuilding Shift to Online

One of the idea during the Philippine Startup Challenge National Finals that I found fantastic! 

Team WiseGeeks - Escape Plan (Davao) (Ateneo de Davao University) - Arlene Adrienne Go, Maxwell Macua, Joseph Jeorge Bayya, and Adulfo Emmanuel Respecia
Escape Plan - is an augmented reality game that will change the way of building teams. It addresses issues on inconveniences before, during, and after team building activities, such as going to far-flung areas, spending too much money, getting in harm’s way and destroying the shared vision of the company because of irrelevant competition. This game promotes basic principles of building effective teams – effective communication, shared purpose, dynamic team design and balance orientation. The objective of the game is to escape the room, where teams get to escape an environment by solving puzzles and finishing the challenges.

Specially for a culture in Singapore where many prefer to hide behind the identity in computers. Also facilitates greater openness. Think this idea should facilitate anonymous feedback as well. That would help companies identify the issues at hand.  

Recently was thinking of starting something to help employees bond better with colleagues as well as bosses. Though money is a huge factor in why people leave, environment is a strong factor in retaining people and if they leave on a good note, it does not affect employee emotions too much for the bonds are still there. The keyword is "Memories" and "Openness".

"Openness" - Feedback without fear, with a good intention in helping the company grow
And for this to happen, trust is needed (but that is a fragile feeling) - so anonymity might help.
Meaning a 3rd party to enhance open channels for communication and feedback. 

"Memories" - Building bonds. Welfare events.


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