Friday, August 21, 2020

Business in the pandemic

 We must be constantly assessing the needs of the business as priorities change on a weekly basis. We must be constantly aligning the needs of the business with the goals and objectives of the people function. And we must act quickly, efficiently and with agility to deploy those strategies to the organization. The right roadmap is one that is active, one that is fluid and one that is immediately responsive to the organization as it traverses the changing world we live in today.

Doing things is easy. Doing the right things is hard. Doing the right things requires strategy, deployment excellence and continuous improvement. The sooner we stop focusing on doing more with less and instead focus on doing the right things in a more agile way, the better equipped we will be to position ourselves for both short- and long-term success—and, ultimately, to achieve the outcomes the business is looking for.

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