Thursday, August 27, 2020


What I truly believe in and support

that all re or upskilling can only be effective if there is an open platform to use those learning and also to have a mind of always learning more improve processes. Otherwise knowledge will stay as knowledge and become redundant as time to come. 

Havard Business Review 

The Increasing Importance of Mapping Skills-Based Learning to Job Opportunities

determined what skills are, and will be, in demand, and then built programs to train students of any age to meet that demand

 train existing employees and build their talent pipeline

evaluates its services, and builds new support systems to help students move from classroom to career

Career Coaching and Employer Connections. Under this model, every student at Ivy Tech will have a profile, built in Education Cloud, that serves as a centralized source of information that evolves with the individual. Each semester students will meet with a career coach who helps them build and refine their resume. This will help students find and apply for an internship, and, eventually, a full-time job. These profiles will create robust data on the student journey, enabling Ivy Tech to analyze progress while at school, and help determine outcomes after graduation.

this approach can activate previously acquired academic knowledge by providing a practical skill set.

Reskilling goes beyond learning the latest technology. It’s about building both the skills and agility to find a new job, and to continue evolving skills development alongside changes in the job market

 After students graduate, they can continue to use the platform to up level their skills, or learn new ones as needed.

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