Wednesday, November 10, 2010

The Housemaid (2010) !~!~!

This month is really movie month - where a number of my favorite actors and actresses comes into scene :)

On Monday, at work, my mind kept wandering to the movie- screening at night : My Housemaid ( a Korean Movie)played by one of my favorite actress Jeon Do-yeon - Sponsored by OMY.SG and also Reebonz ( Can't thank you all enough )Also, this film was directed by Im Sang-Soo ( who is famous for controversial themes).

My Housemaid is a remake of the 1960 black-and-white classic, following similar storyline but with different methods of portraying the emotions surging in each of them.

The plot revolves around (Eun-yi "Jeon Do-yeon"),who was hired as a nanny for an upper-class family , the Hoon Family. The Hoons ( Wife Hae-ra "Seo Woo" and Husband Master Hoon "Lee Jeong Jae") seems to be the couple one would yearn to be - riches, beautiful children, living the life - but like many instances, a pregnant wife worst fear in her 9 months of pregnancy : a husband who cannot control his 'nature' and 'needs' and finds another women. And to make things worse, The handsome composer Hoon satisfies his desires in the nanny hired and gets her pregnant.The other nanny "Yoon Yeo-Jeong" exposes the truth however to realise that it was a big mistake to do that. But, because of money, all things can be settled. The mother-in-law "Park Ji-Yeong" devises evil schemes to induce miscarriage and when all does not go according to plan, she does it by force - where she instigates an abortion - leaving Eunyi no choice at all. And with such circumstances, Revenge ensues...........

What remains etch in my memory are the following scenes

- Master Hoon coming to the nanny room and starts touching her - in lust and desire; where in the scene before, the pregnant wife though being so pregnant still 'rides' him and does 'sexual' service ( Oral service) for him ----> Really. How could he?

- The mother-in-law telling the daughter : Every rich man will have a fling, just close your eyes and pretend it doesnt happen, think about your children's future, -----> how reality bites. Would you leave him or stay for the riches?

- The daughter tells the nanny " I saw my grandmother push you" and the nanny tells the girl " no, it was by accident" --------> thats why they always say children knows best. Adults always attempt to decieve themselves to make it better but children always say what they feel or see.

Personally though I had expected much more from the movie itself ( especially the ending) , I can say that this film is far beyond the level of satisfactory. Its way above average.

1. The actors and actresses - even the daughter - was amazing.
You could see their soul while acting where the mixture of their raw pain and their desires - was captured in many of the scenes.

2. The scenes that speaks of the strong theme of dominance and manipulation and sexuality and social status
Reflects the world in reality - where at times we cannot help but sigh at how power or riches does bring one forward - where at times we see men falling to their nature causing their wife to suffer all for that short moment of time - where at times we see how desires take over someone and that which causes one to lose one's self - where in moments, all we see is our satisfaction and what should be ours is ours - where it seems everyone want to just take and not give and will protect themselves eventually. ---------------------- Sounds depressing hmm.. (haha)

I would strongly recommend this show - especially if you are a person like me, who loves prominent themes and make you reflect on certain issues in life

Note: A number of photos have been taken from Han Cinema.

Introducing the actor and actresses


  1. Would love to go for the movie but not of age ;(

  2. haha- you can buy the DVD when it appears! Its a worthwhile buy - a very artistic movie :)


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