Friday, November 5, 2010

P.S Cafe at Palais

Had a Brunch gathering with SMU Besties at P.S Cafe - and I must say the place was lovely! The cakes were yummy! So satisfying!
We went to the outlet at Palais (390 Orchard Road Level 2).
As reservations can't be made, the waiting time for brunch was about half an hour for a group of 4.
Note: Brunch on the Weekends 930am - 5pm (Last Order 4pm)

The cakes that greeted my eyes and made my mouth water
- Dont you want to try EVERYTHING?

Moving in, you are amazed by how spacious and open it feels - with the usage of glass panels, plants and the design of the chairs and tables. And with families gathered , expats gathered and friends gathered, it felt like a big gathering. So soothing and reassuring.

We quickly settled down in the place. However with everything sounding so delicious and all, it was really hard time deciding what to eat.

We eventually decide on.....

For me:) P.S Breakfast Stack - Tomato Coddled Egg on Homemade Zucchini & Parmesan Bread with Roasted Portobello & Chargrilled Asparagus, Hollandaise Sauce & Wildrockets. It was yummy and healthy and very filling.
The vegetables (where the Asparagus were well-grilled and had a smoking flavor) were a very good appetizer to start with. - while the sauce whetted your appetite for more of the food.
And for the Portobello mushroom, it was juicy and infused with herbs.
The Homemade Zucchini & Parmesan Bread, is soft and fragrant. The bread has a crispy crust and it is eggy but not soggy. There are some mixed zucchini , mashed parmesan cheese and herbs mixed together in the bread.

Cipto had the Eggs Benedict.
It had eggs poached close to perfection, with a slice of ham under it set on an English Muffin. On top of all this, was the generous giving of vegetables with the Hollandaise Sauce.

And for Sarah, Ling and DW
They decided on the P.S Big Bacon and Eggs.
There was also sausages in it that were so juicy and yummy.

The drinks also had a good presentation. I like the peace and lemon tea.

And of course to end off our meal, we had to have the cake!
After a long deliberation, we decide to go for the

The cake was huge! Even with 5 of us, we were unable to finish up the whole cake!

The next time I am going to bring my parents there! Its so nice. If I had the money, I'd will be there every week! P.S Cafe- I'll be there soon! :)

And I wanna try this cake next! :) Looks nice right? :)

Thanks to my besties for the introduction. Strive on! Will always be praying for you all :) Love you lots :)

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