Tuesday, November 2, 2010

MEGAMIND! Premiere

Special Thanks to OMY.SG for making my Mondays ever more colorful!
- A few of us bloggers were invited to the MEGAMIND Premiere - with our Superheroes costume! - My friends and I chose Power Puff girls! - And we had Megamind take a picture with us !

An introduction about Megamind! - A production by the people behind Kungfu Panda and Madagascar Film.
Megamind ( Voice by Will Ferell)plays the role of an evil character who tries to overthrow the hero Metro Man whom everyone loves (Voice by Brad Pitt) and take over the city. Similar to Superman - Both of them fights over a woman - called Roxanne ( Voice by Tina Fey) - where in the midst Megamind unintentionally'manages' to 'kill' Metroman. [ Note: Roxanne features are just amazing - very pretty! ] With the absence of Metroman, Megamind starts to feel bored and so he creates another hero - Tighten (Voice by Jonah Hill. While all this is happening, the twist happens with Megamind finding love and it melting his ever cold heart and where the new hero Tighten with his new superpowers eventually becoming more of the evil than Megamind was.. As to how the story ends .... (Go and Watch it! )

I love the 3D Effects and unique sounds where the characters and actions seems to jump at you , making it so ever realistic.
We had the 3D Glasses! Fun!

I love the goofy humor here and there evident in the movie, creating such laughter among the audience.
I love how it makes me think of certain issues such as how perhaps evil people becomes evil not because they want to, but maybe because of circumstances, and in them there is always somewhere good - but the society do not give them an opportunity to portray that side of them. Makes me think of the yellow ribbon project.

The organizers made it ever so fun!

With Megamind appearance, the crowd and the children were so happy!

And also the video game introduction of Megamind!
If you wanna get a preview of the game, Click here!

And lastly free Megamind balloons and mask!

Grab your friends! Grab your children! - MEGAMIND!-

Thanks to my dearest bloggers for some of the pictures in this post. See you at the next event. Thank you OMY.SG :)

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