Saturday, December 4, 2010

A blog shop not to be missed! Foundrey :)

Last week was a trying week and I would like to do a loud shout-out to God " THANK YOU!" God has been so good - God will not let us bear beyond what we cannot bear.

So this week, I'll be sharing with you a wonderful thing.
My friend's beautiful clothes blog (She's the beautiful model)
She's such a sweet thing with such a sweet heart - keep living and make your dreams come true dearie!
And for each selection of clothes, she chooses with great effort and her dedication to Foudrey is amazing :) Support her ! :)

My friend's Shop Blog "Foundrey"
I have always loved her style of clothes! :)Its simple yet look so elegant and nice!

Have picked out the few that I love :)

Dresses - Especially adore the colorful dots dress

And the blouses - I love the black lacey blouse!And the pencil skirt!

Her clothes are lovely right?
I like! :) So do support her k :)

1 comment:

  1. they sure r. i'm gonna show my 18 year old. they all look just like her style...where can u buy?


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