Monday, December 27, 2010

Refund Bus Fare

Seeing Mint get her refund and the newspaper article below just made me so curious about mine

SINGAPORE : Saturday is the first day commuters can start getting their refunds if they had been overcharged due to distance errors between bus stops.

As at 3pm, a total of S$3,000 was refunded to some 9,600 cards.

Commuters were overcharged some S$300,000 since distance-based fares were introduced in July.

Commuters can get their refunds at any TransitLink Add Value Machine, by placing their CEPAS card on the card reader and selecting the "Bus Stop Distance Refund" icon on the screen.

But some commuters are unaware it is this easy.

One commuter, Teresa Chan, said: "If there are some flyers going around, they have to let us know what it is all about, where to go and what to do. I think that would be very useful."

Some commuters were baffled by the amount they got back.

26-year-old Pau Chun Chun, who takes bus number 36, which has the second highest distance errors between bus stops, got 34 cents back in her CEPAS card.

She takes the service about three times a week.

She said: "I expected a few dollars in refund...Given the frequency I travel, I only got 30 cents plus. I am not sure about how they calculate the refund. But I just take it. "

Commuters can also approach the TransitLink Ticket Officer to check and credit the total eligible refund amount into their CEPAS cards.

Commuters can check for refund eligibility via telephone hotlines (1800 2255 663 and 1800 2255 582) or the public transport website.

Refunds are available till 17 June 2011.

Check how much you are eligible for a refund

Results -

You are eligible for a refund.

Refund Amount
$ 0.08

The bus operators will donate any unclaimed amount after the refund period to the Public Transport Fund, which will benefit needy families.

-> Kindly donate mine to the needy families

Haha considering from the previous article. I had also expected more from each refund. Well, everyone! Just let SBS donate all to needy families k :)

SINGAPORE: Bus commuters have been overcharged some $300,000 since distance-based fares kicked in on 3 July.

This was revealed after an island-wide bus stop review by the Land Transport Authority (LTA) found errors in actual distances measured between bus stops.

Commuters have also been undercharged some S$100,000 in the same period due to these mistakes.

About 150 bus services have been affected by the errors. They ply routes passing some 100 bus stops across the island.

LTA says all errors will be corrected by Friday.

Commuters who have been overcharged will have a six-month window from 18 December to obtain refunds.

Notices will be put up at affected bus stops and bus interchanges from Tuesday on how commuters can get the refunds.

The public transport operators will bear the costs of undercharging.

- CNA/ir

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