Monday, December 20, 2010

Movie Review" Never Let me go"

Watched the movie" Never let me go" in SQ
Its just a fantastic movie - been ages since I watched such a good movie

Directed by Mark Romanek, it was re-enacted from the acclaimed novel by Kazuo Ishiguro. ( After the movie, I cannot wait to get my hands on the book! ) The plot was acted out by Carey Mulligan ( a great actress!) , Andrew Garfield and Keira Knightley ( absolutely gorgeous) as Kathy, Tommy and Ruth, three kids who have been brought up in a boarding school and at the age, sent out to the world out of the safety boundaries, freeing them to explore what is real and what is not.

The film is set in a world where medical advances in the mid-20th Century have allowed humans to live as long as 100 years on average at the expense of “donors” – test-tube babies created from the genes of junkies and hobos. These unfortunate individuals are raised at facilities like the Hailsham House (essentially upper-crust English boarding schools) where they are controlled, cut off from society and kept healthy and clean so their organs are in tip-top shape to fuel the failing bodies of the general population. Some donors qualify to become “Carers”, who tend to the others when the surgeries begin. Upon “completion” the Carer moves on to the next subject until they receive their notice and become a donor themselves.

Flash forward to 1968 and Hailsham boarding school where the youngsters are brought up to believe that they are special.It reveals a love story between Cathy and Tommy however Ruth (Cathy's best friend) uses a man's sexual desire to snatch Tommy over.

The kids eventually grow up and leave Hailsham for the “cottages” where they spend their young adult years. Tommy and Ruth are now a full-fledged couple and, although the three remain friends, it is made clear (especially by Ruth) that Kathy is on the outside. To hold onto Tommy, Ruth uses sex to upset Cathy. The trio eventually go their separate ways and we learn that Kathy has become a carer who works with those who are in the process of donating their organs, leading up to their death/completion. (Most dies after the 3rd donation)

And it’s at the caring facility where she eventually reunites with Ruth and eventually with Tommy. It reminds them that true love cannot be seperated and Ruth apologies, bonding Tommy and Cathy together again. Tommy had already gone through 2 donations and the last one would be his last. Together they form a friendship with another couple who tell of a story that if two clones can prove they they are in love, they will be afforded the opportunity to defer their donations. They went to realise all was a fraud.

The truth is that they are clones being raised so that they can one day donate their organs to prolong the lives of those on the outside. There was no escape from it.

In terms of performances, the 3 characters were amazing and the plot of true love and the pain of being created for selfish purpose , tore my heart into shreds, making me sob uncontrollably.

A movie not to be missed!
"Never let me go"

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