Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Whisper :) Tips to a happy period

Something personal for you ladies' readers of my blog

I'm have been a "Whisper" fan.
I like how it feels like its close to nothing when use
I like how the wings keeps it firmly in place
I like how its so comfortable

Being an exercise Fanatic, doing exercises such as
Dancing , Running , and sleeping
Its important for me! And it has been a trusted 'friend' to me

Tips to a happy period :)
1. Do things that you like. For me, I exercise a lot during this time as I find it lessens the flow and it makes me happy.

2. Embrace this reminder and celebrate this day of womanhood with flowery dresses and sweet clothes - and thank God for making you a woman.

3. Gives an excuse for you to throw tantrums to your boyfriend - He understands. Its the time of the month. Dear BFs, let us have this week to be a princess. Tender Loving Care Pls (smile)

4. Think about your less pimple and tender after

5. Design a personalized pouch - Put a face of your frowning emotion on it - reminds you to smile

And now with the new Whisper's SUPER LONG OVERNIGHTS
I'm definitely going to try them - Long and Big and comfortable - the right mix!

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