Saturday, March 12, 2011

TNP Filmfest (Local Films)

Have always been a ardent supporter of local films!
Here's a chance how you can support as well.

TNP has organised a film submission contest. Many wonderful local entries!
Vote for your fave FFF film and win! @ VOTE HERE :)
Dateline: Before midnight on March 15.
Simply treat yourself to a movie marathon by watching all the FFF entries that have been put up on YouTube
[ Below: I have attached the few videos which I find interesting ]
To view all, Filmfest Channel

If you voted for the most popular film, you could be the lucky winner of a one-night stay in a Premier Loft at the Studio M Hotel.
The winner will also be invited to join in the festivities at our March 17 Shanghai Dolly gala awards ceremony and receive his prize there.

Support local films!

You are my inspiration - Touching. It always start somewhere.

Reminisce - In memories of..
This film reminds me of the incident of the bride whose husband was drunk and was found dead in the hotel on their wedding day and eventually she committed sucide a few months after.

Valentine Day - Memories are such a scary thing - it never lets you go.

Back. - Rest in Peace. Go.

Unspoken - speaks volumes about " words can encourage a person but can also hurt a person so deep that it can never heal" between a family- it just makes it ever worse

家 - parents are the role models. Do it right.

The Requiem - Poems just like songs - be the words that you cannot say or confess to.

Soul-searching machine - feels like contemporary dancing - where the dance portays a story." Every soul will still look for its true self despite of their shapes and sizes assigned for their manifestation."

Triangle - "we often adore someone who ignore us and ignore someone who adore us."

Lucified - A police officer being left behind and trys to backtrack in his mind as to what happened

RYAN - About a boy who is obsessed with his game that he walks, talks and sleep in the world of his game

Try - A reflection of an drug addict in society I love the ending: "Not in a society that spits in the face of my addiction instead of a helping hand. - This isn't a suicide. You killed me."

Ordinary - Reaisation of being a routine

Triple X- Funny film. Triple X movie mistaken as mature content ( haha )

Haris Othman -

Paranoia - Interesting way of illustrating how fear and paranoia always grips us and make us think otherwise. Stereotypes that we can't help and ignore.

The Delivery -

Opportunity - Links message of saving the environment with images

Edit Me! - Its like the movie - Click -

Andrew Fong - the life of a pregnant father - to thank all single mothers and parents on how great they are.

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