Sunday, March 6, 2011

OCBC Cycle 2011

Been wanting to do the OCBC Cycle challenge since many years ago but never got around to it. This year 2011 - I did it. The Nissan 40km challenge! Thank God it was not the 60km super challenge - I might have died. Its not the distance but the speed combined with the distance. Imagine 30-35km/hr all the way for the 40km. And with my back problem, my legs were numb and I couldn't even straighten my back properly after that. But it was such a great experience. I loved it!

The race started at 715am at F1 Pit so I had to drag my lazy body out of bed at 4.30am to eat breakfast then meet my friends at SMU to ride together to F1.

Reached F1 around 6.45am - it was already packed with people with their road bikes and their carbon frames and their aerodynamic fronts. ( other than mine - a hybrid bike)- it makes me so wanna buy a new bike. Haha... Probably if I find a good deal.

We had to walk quite abit to our starting line. Its was around 6.58am when we reached our starting line so we had to wait till 7.15am for the flag off.

And finally- 7.13am (The announcement 2 minutes to your flag off - Everyone get ready! ) [Siren sounds ]- And off we went!

The headwinds were so strong- something I did not anticipate in Singapore riding.
I could literally hear the gushing of the wind at my ear. I tried to find someone to draft but everyone was moving along so fast constantly!
My backs ached like crazy and I had to constantly stand up on my bike to stretch my back. And with the winds and the speed I was going ( or trying to go) I had to keep drinking water to hydrate myself.

Several incidents along the way:
I found a person to draft behind and suddenly his tire burst, It was like an explosion and I had to suddenly swerve out of the way. Luckily I managed to. Though it nearly caused me to collide with the other cyclists coming up behind me.

Muscle cramps that made me have to slow down a little and drink more water and do some one leg cycling and one leg stretching exercises.

Such an achievement. Especially since I have not been cycling much.
A full SMU Current batch, alumni batch and graduating batch

For those who want to enjoy the ride leisurely, there is the 20km community challenge where you can ride with your family or friends.
If you want this day to be a special one for your children, there is even 100m tricycle ride and 5km mighty savers kids ride.

A brief outline of the routes

The event was quite well-organized. Will consider next years' one too!

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