Monday, October 10, 2011

12th parliament speech

Our shared goal is to create a better life for all.

We want every Singaporean to hold a skilled and well-paid job.
Then who is going to do the lesser skilled jobs? And why waste money to keep reeducating when it can be learn on the job?
For lower income get support to upgrade your skills
Vulnerable and unfortunate can rely on our social safety nets duh as work Fare com care and medifund.
Majority in the middle help you cope with the rapid changes and growing competition in the world more skills upgrading programs for pmet more pathways to educate your children and every opportunity to own a home.
We want every Singaporean to live in an affordable comfortable home

We want every young Singaporean to develop themselves fully and pursue his dreams
Heavy investments in education
Hardworking perseverance cohesion and mutual obligation

We want every senior citizen singaporeans to stay active and to live with dignity
Should open up avenues where they can work as security guards. Rather than mind games?
And with their experience shouldn't not be put to better use?
Your cpf savings and hdb flat will take care of your basic needs. We will help you to remain active and healthy keep health care affordable and ease burden on your families who are Caring for you.

We seek quality growth by improving every job raisin productivity of every worker and helping companies innovate.

But as long as we are united in engaging our hearts and minds in this shared endeavour we will succeed.
The government will help all singaporeans to find good jobs own their Homes and see their children gain confidence and blossom. But the government cannot and should not try to do everything by itself . Singaporeans play an equally important role. Hope singaporeans to get together to create a more vibrant civil society harness the energies and idea of our people be it to tackle social issues promote the arts or protect the environment. Singaporeans should actively participate provide solutions and do their part for community voluntarism supported by the government.

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