Saturday, October 8, 2011

You can have it all

Be adaptable to change develop your socialise power it us not how many people work for you it's how you can influence and make the impact not the title have your force and be heard don't just think but have action and voice! Don't keep them inside. Don't we are good and people should know. Eg now I think I have the money and can ask the girl out. Female I am sociable and have the education the Guys should come and look for me . We have got to help our organization more succinct to the challenges include diversity help others achieve their potential. Story we live in uncertain environment more demands on us changes is the only constant pot of boiling water exciting but demanding world put the egg in hot water ( before hard outside soft inside) Now hard outside hard inside environment has changed us do carrot hard hard boiling water soft demands got to the environment coffeebean you have coffee not coffeebean change but the water - things are in our hands you can change our own life

Jacelyn tan
Successful in overcoming difficulties art of balancing relationship health ad wealth when you feel good others feel good 3 tips to balancing emotions - 1. Keep quiet and don't talk out of emotion; 2. Talk to someone who can give you advice 3. Make a change.

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