Sunday, October 23, 2011

Fright fest @ the flyer

Was invited to the preview of fright fest @ the flyer - Thanks to URA, The Flyer and OMY.SG. My best Halloween night was in Mexico 2 years ago where it was celebrated together with the day of the dead and people were giving out candies to the children that were dressed as frankestein and zombies. Anyway I was very excited for my first outdoor Singapore halloween experience!

The actual event will be held on the 28th to 30th October (Which is this Friday to Saturday!) You can purchase a ticket at the booth at the flyer
ps: And just saw it on that it is offering a deal for the event on its website at a discounted price- so here it is

Upon arrival at the flyer, we were divided into groups of around 10. While waiting outside, we could hear screams and also the sound that Chinese funerals have. Made me hair stand.

We were ushered into the tent and greeting us were the sight of an old lady using her clogs hammering onto the praying paper. So eerie! You know how the Chinese hit on the human shaped figure and scold 打你的小人头 meaning cursing someone. We tried to quickly ran over - suddenly she stood up and aim the clog at us , gave us such a fright! We grabbed each otter even more tightly trepidation of what may appear after.

Next, we had to enter a veil but I could see a 'ghost lady' standing behind it. The fear of pushing past the veil was tremendous. Suddenly the girl with her mother on front us shouted and ran out of the tent.

I decide to just push ahead. I opened the veil and shouted! Haha I think the lady ghost was as shocked as I was. But she started heading towards me following me. Her face was in a weird shape.

I walked as fast as I could. Finally reached the end of the hall, now what lies ahead after the hall. Push past the veil and a zombie suddenly appeared in front of me- I ran-

and out of the bush came bao gong- a black face judge that Chinese know as a judge fro
Hell if I am not wrong. I screamed! Made my way ahead and was confronted by an altar where a lady holding an umbrella with her back facing me. I knew her face was going to be grotesque and boy was I not wrong. She started coming towards me asking me to take the joss stick- I decline and tried to ignore her.

And more to come was the decapitated body parts that were lying on the floor and also dead children in bath tubs-made me wonder if I was in a murder scene.

After half an hour, finally made my way out of the horror.

For a preview, here you go:

Do pop by to the fright fest@ the flyer with your family and children! The fear factor level was still manageable so I think it would be suitable for families who want to go with their children.

Many bloggers also came down with their costumes and Halloween
Make up! Scary!

And to ease our fright, with courtesy of the flyer - we were treated to a chance on the flyer. Such amazing views of Singapore up there. I never knew Singapore was so beautiful - delightful!


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