Monday, November 19, 2012

Keppel Latin Film Festival " Espiral"

Made my way down to Vivocity GV Yesterday for Keppel Latin Film Festival. And caught the movie " Espiral." It reminded me so much of my time in Mexico 2 years back. The streets.The food. The people. The culture. The festival.

This movie was thought-provoking.

It revolves around two Mexican men who crossed the border into the U.S. - one of them to build a better future for his family and another to get enough money for dowry to marry his love. However, with no news and only coming back after 3 years, they realize life wait for no man. And they return to disappointment - the former's wife has become accustomed to be independent and earn her own living, no longer needs him As for the latter, another man had 'stolen' his love and made her pregnant.[Santiago is back in the village he left nearly twenty years before. He was in love with Diamantina but he was poor and her family did not let them marry. So he went to the North (notice that the word “USA” is never used) looking for money and a better life. When he comes back three years later, Diamantina is pregnant from another man who agreed with her father to kidnap her. ]

So the question that summaries the whole situation " Should they have stayed or go"

Just like some of my friends who have long distance relationship, or have husbands working abroad, should they uproot themselves and go along, or have trust that the other party will return just as they are? Even in other dramas that we see, people change. Its scary how a 10 yr, 20 yr relationship can go awry or even a marriage with children for close to 30 years can end up in a divorce. But this is reality.

Espiral also deals with the violence of men, the weight of family and traditions in rural Mexico.Something which I witness first hand when I was in Mexico. Macho-ism is a 'thing' in Latin America.Its slowly changing but it is still evident in some families.

Another theme that arises is greed vs fulfillment. What is enough? For all , wealth is something hard to resist and we all just want more and more of it. Why not right? Its difficult for us to pull away. Specially in an asian culture, where we learn that we have to save for our future, for our next generation and all. We forget to live for ourselves too.

Recently saw a joke
At the age 20-30, no money have energy have time At the age of 30-40 have money have energy no time At the age of 40-50 have money no energy have time.
How true. We forget to enjoy what we have but yearn for what we can have.. till its too late.

This is what I call a truly good movie. Making you think with a great cinematography and story line.

Espiral, by Jorge Perez Solano (2008)
With Iazua Larios (Diamantina / Magdalena), Mayra Serbulo (Diamantina),Xochiquetzal Rodriguez (Araceli 1), Angeles Cruz (Araceli 2), Harold Torres (Santiago 1), Leonardo Alonso (Santiago 2), Gabriel Pascual (Taurino), Eduardo Santander (Macario 1), Noé Hernandez (Macario 2)…

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