Thursday, November 8, 2012


Dear Readers, I've got a great event to share with all of you!
To all who loves languages and also the Latin American movies , you will know why I'm excited!
Sponsored by the Embassies of Brazil, Chile, Ecuador, Mexico, Panama, Venezuela and Keppel Group.
Date: 15 - 20 November
Venue: Golden Village - VivoCity

Complimentary tickets will be available for the whole Keppel LAFF Singapore 2012,
Important to note that the tickets will start being issued one hour before each movie, based on "first-come, first-served" basis. So be there early!

There is a few that I am targeting -
 Qué tan lejos ("How Much Farther?") - Friday 16th November 2012 @ 7PM
The plot follows an Ecuadorian student, Tristeza(Vallejo) from Quito who learns that the love of her life is getting married in Cuenca the next day. Cuenca is a half hour from Ecuador's capital city (Quito) by air and about five hours by bus. On the same day, Esperanza (Tania Hermida, who also wrote and produced the film) arrives in Quito, on vacation from Spain Barcelona. Both unexpectedly  end up on the same bus to Cuenca, where they befriend each other. Since there is a paro (strike) going on, the bus gets detained south of Quito, and the two women look for other methods of getting to Cuenca, mainly by foot, hitchhiking and, later, other buses.Their journey takes them out of the way from where they should be, but they both learn a lot about themselves in the journey, making a couple of friends along the way.
Many Ecuadorian people have mentioned how excellent this movie is because of its beautiful landscape. (How about the acting? that I'm not too sure. haha)

Chance - Saturday 17th November 2012 @ 9PM
Its a comedy!
The Gonzales-Dubois clan consists of tooth-flashing politico Fernando (Francisco Gattorno), a pair of spoiled-rotten teen twins (Maria-Alejandra and Maria-Cristina Palacios) and rich mommy Gloria (Isabella Santo Domingo), who raises clueless insensitivity to a high art. When the upper-crusters use their imminent shopping trip to Miami as yet another excuse for not shelling out long-overdue salaries to their maids Tona (Rosa Isabel Lorenzo) and Paquita (a priceless Aida Morales), the girls grab some weapons and demand payback, only to find that Fernando's investments have left the family flat broke.
(Sounds like a movie with a good laugh)

 A Un Metro De Ti ("A stop away from you") - Sunday18th November 2012 @ 2PM
Sebastián and Paula are the first two kids to get lost in the subway in Santiago, Chile, back in the 70’s, their lives then becoming intertwined. They were living ordinary lives in the city until today, when they encountered again and recognized each other.
( Feels like a good love story - Gush!)

 Espiral ("Spiral") - Sunday18th November 2012 @ 4PM
[ Mexico]
 Two desperate Mexican family men cross the border into the U.S. to build a better future for their families, only to discover they've done more harm than good by leaving their wives to fend for themselves under impoverished conditions. Santiago and Marcario long to support their respective families, but find it difficult to do so living in a dead-end town. Convinced they would be more useful to their families if there were making money in the U.S., the two men take flight while vowing to return for them once they've found a way to earn a respectable living. Years later, that day has finally come. When Santiago and Marcairo return to their loved ones, however, they quickly discover that reclaiming the past will be a difficult endeavor since their wives have become accustomed to fighting for survival.
(Another Great Mexican Movie! Oh my! Can't wait!) 

Ratas, Ratones, Rateros - Sunday18th November 2012 @ 6PM
The world of Salvador, a young and naive petty thief is changed by the arrival of his cousin Angel, an ex-convict in search of easy money, and with a hideout. Salvador gets wrapped up in Angel's twisted dealings in an attempt to escape from his suffocating family, dragging along his family and friends, in his criminal path. Where will this all lead?
(Shows the poverty of Salvador which I had seen when I traveled there. Interested to see the difference)

Hermano ("Brother") - Monday19th November 2012 @ 7PM
Two young men who have been raised as brothers look to their soccer skills as a way of getting out of their slum. While a scout is in town, an act of violence threatens to tear them apart
(Looks interesting!)

Meu Tio Matou Um Cara ("My uncle killed a guy") - Tuesday 20th November 2012 @ 7PM
Duca is a smart teenager that lives in Porto Alegre with his father Laerte and his mother Cléia. His best friends are the also teenagers Isa, for whom he has a crush, and Kid, for whom Isa has a crush. One night, his uncle Éder visits his family and informs that he has just killed the former husband of his girlfriend Soraia. Duca finds mistakes in the story told by his uncle, and decides to investigate the tragic event.
(Another adventure mix with comedy)

Enjoy! Cheers!

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