Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Community Games 2013

Ever had a dream of being an Olympian ? But did not get a chance.
Or you can just be like me, missing the exhilaration from sport competitions and also the gathering of people who just like sports from all walks of life.
Here's the time where you can 'showcase' your athletic skills.  
Community Games 2013.
I wanted to join last year but did not get to because my area didn't have teams to be formed.

The Community Games 2013 (CG 2013) is a multi-sports competition held across the island, bringing the Games to the heart of the community and connecting residents of different ages, races and living across estates. 

CG 2013 is organised by the People’s Association and Community Sports Clubs, with support from the National Sports Associations of the sports to be featured. The sports featured under CG 2013 are Badminton, Basketball, Bowling, Dragon Boat, Football, Netball, Road Run and Sepaktakraw, Swimming and Table Tennis.  CG2013 will be taking place from March to June at various facilities across Singapore.
The objectives of the CG are:
(a)         Develop a strong and inclusive sporting culture with passion and enthusiasm from all walks of life; and
(b)         Enhance social cohesion and community bonding, linking people through mass participation and involvement.
To help achieve the objectives of CG, the “All C.A.R.E. Teams” concept is introduced for both Games, with an aim to use community sports as a Channel to bridge and bond residents of different Ages, Races and Estates. 

In general, a team must consist of members of different ages, races and living in different estates to participate in the Games.  The teams will compete at the cluster-level tournaments for 
Badminton registration CLOSED
Basketball registration CLOSED
Bowling registration CLOSED
Football registration CLOSED
Netball registration CLOSED
Sepaktakraw registration CLOSED
Table Tennis registration CLOSED
Dragon Boat registration closing date for entries is 9 May 2013
Road Run  registration CLOSED
Swimming registration closing date for entries is 9 May 2013.

The participants/teams will compete at National Level. 

Interested participants may submit your completed registration forms to pa_community_games@pa.gov.sg. 

Here's the registration form.

I'll be joining netball and Swimming. 


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