Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Be the change: series 1

Yesterday with curiosity I made my way to PA HQ for " be the change" seminar cum feedback session. It is an initiative proposed by a young team to encourage and support the younger generation(21 to 35 years old) to come forth and take charge for their community and country SIngapore. It comes about from the idea that every generation has it's own challenges and every generation must harness the energy of that generation to take the country forward- do the change via action; convince the person next to you to do the same; and it will become a powerful movement- making our country a less imperfect place .

Slightly late because of work, I sat at the first table I saw - to my embarrassment, I realized after some time I was sitting at the reserved VIP table - together with Mr Yam Ah Mee ( chief executive of PA ) and other important civil servants.

The issues that was mentioned during the session

- propose of a 2 platform system ( like Sentosa / Jurong east / Tanah Merah line) where one can exit on one side and enter on the other side. It will solve the overcrowding issue. Think this is quite a good idea but of course to construct this will require more building space and hence also higher cost I would suppose.
- propose female cabin.
This idea is carried out in India but it is because a lot of molestation happens on the train where they are packed like sardines (how I felt when I sat the India train for both sexes) due to the huge population that they have. For us in Singapore, I have not heard of any happening yet and though our trains are packed, its not as bad. So personally, I do not think this is necessary.

- propose of a increase in parental guidance and partnership for sexual education with the school. And to do it in stages since young making it ingrained deeper into their minds.
Kind of curious why sexual education is becoming a concern nowadays - Why?
- propose for the change of message: message of protection rather than abstinence in the Malay community.
Agree for this. After all it is a lighter message and the public can relate better.
- propose curriculum to be more focused on values ; more student orientated ; question asked inquiring the motivation of learning these days.
Motivation is an important factor in building up a population of talent.
- propose supervision of principals in school because the 'fame' of the school is dependent on the focus and structure of the system in place by the government;
What comes to my mind is the primary school balloting where all parents want to enter certain schools because of their 'name' and the curriculum that they have. But there are limited spaces. Should the government hence supervise the schools that have a 'not as famous' curriculum? Perhaps help them to improve?
- propose to assign teachers and students via their strength in audio, visual or touch learning methods.
I think this is a very very good idea. But perhaps to do it on a large scale is quite hard.
- propose teaching environment to focus on failure is okay - you just need to learn from it - instead of failure is a dead end. Propose learn through play.
I think this is a very very good idea. But perhaps to do it on a large scale is quite hard.
- propose strengthening of values - kindness movement and exposing our generation to overseas via less paperwork for yep.
I still remember the kindness movement that was done in quite a large scale during my time. Though young at that time, I remember the few lines that were emphasized over and over again " give your seats to the old people" , " Smile " etc. - and how it was such a grand thing to win the kindness award. What happened to that?
- propose gap year provision before every next step in education
Only for the rich or those that parents do not need their support. Not realistic I feel.
- Propose using less computers, systems and calculators. To go back to the roots of paper.
Though I think the government / school direction was to allow their students to be more IT Savvy, they should consider the cost incurred - how about those that are unable to. Does a primary 1 student really need a computer? What is wrong with paper writing? And with the calculators used, won't it cause dependence and a lack of mental calculation - will it then cause us to be more mathematically-dumb?

- propose having 2 kinds of recycling trash bins in HDB.
Feasible? For Singaporeans who are lazy to even go down to the recycling bins below, would they just mix everything together?

- propose a clear review as to whether Singapore is looking to place importance on happiness or economic growth and we having to find a balance in between.
Till date, no matter where we go, we are known as being capable and driven - and I am always proud to be a Singaporean. And I am happy. How to increase happiness when it is a personal choice?
- propose to increase social cohesion by organizing a monthly neighbor campaign where neighbors exchange their daily food dishes etc.
Currently now it is already in place but I guess it should become a national campaign- more impact?

Special needs
- propose to increase the benefits for special needs teachers where they feel as valued as their counterparts in the governmental sector. Addresses the theme of passion vs remuneration.
- propose development of the local learning industry of special needs. Currently the therapy for special needs is only taught overseas - most will not be able to afford the course fees.
Agree! I would take the course if it is taught here at an affordable price.
- propose a program to let the normal kids and special kids interact on a regular basis as it allows for integration and compassion.
Very very good idea! Then everyone will understand how special kids are like them except them perhaps do things a little slower /they need a longer time to understand instructions - but they can still do things and work! Then the community can open up their mind and embrace them into their work place. And as a normal individual, we should offer our help to be their partner in the work place to be a support when they need it. Propose that to your HR!

- propose for a focus on community health. Help create a stronger initiative between the private GPs and the elderly.
Good idea. Benefits both parties.
- propose programs that teaches and shares dialects Which the younger generation have lost touch of.
Good idea. I will sign up! Make it available in the CCs - at convenient locations! This will also increase interaction between both generations.

Expected more from this session but the size of the audience was really encouraging. It's a delight to see so many so interested in contributing back to the society. Lastly I want to end off with my own personal thought: if you have complains and grouses about policies and the way how things are now, do not just whine about the problem; give the solution.

Let's work into making Singapore a better place ; not for ourselves but for every singaporean :) cheers

My input - What I see of Singapore now. And what I hope to see Singapore in 5 years time.

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