Saturday, September 24, 2011

Food For Thought - Yummylicious

Had the opportunity to try out the delicious food and desserts of Food For Thought. It is just beside SAM Museum, Opposite SMU Library , Near circle line.
Address: 8 Queen Street (8Q @ Singapore Art Museum).

Once I stepped into the place, I knew I would love spending hours there.
The design of the place, the items all around and of course the food, such amazing combination and comfort.

And as usual I always support cafes that give back to the society - and at their counter you will spot the number of organizations and causes that they support.

And they also convey the causes through the design T-shirts; badges etc that they make with the explanation and thought process that goes through it.

Welcoming us next was the ice cold home made lemon tea that had bits and pieces of lemon squeeze in it. I love it!!!!

And I started with few zucchini tarts into my mouth- I find this a very good appetizer!

And my next love! Potato Gratin with fresh juicy mushroom, and chunks of big potato slices among the cheese. Totally love it. I had 3 servings of that.

And following that we had the pizza which had my favorite chunks of red and green pepper in it. The crust is a bit too thick though - was too full after eating that.

Wanted to skip the fried chicken but it looked so good! And buy am I glad I did not skip that the flavoring on the crispy skin and the juiciness of the chicken - yummy!
And of course I kept my stomach for the famous desserts.

Here it goes:
Cream cheese with red velvet cupcake.
Very unique taste :)

Their cream mousse puffs - not too sweet ;Just nice.
And I love their melting brownies. It seems like there were a mix of the melted ones and the ones that were in perfect cooling stage. I prefer the melted ones - chocolate with cranberries and nuts. Favs!

I will be back there soon!
Heard they are opening another one soon!

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