Saturday, September 24, 2011

A tour around the heartlands in Singapore

Yesterday, together with neesoon yec we made our way to exploring the different heartlands in singapore- to see how we could better understand and contribute yo the needs of the public as an individual; as a community; as a singaporean. What type of public spaces is needed for the aging population? More shops so they have a place to gather and interaction? How can we build a community to increase Social cohesion.

Then we move through the corridors of toa payoh where a majority of the old generation were staying in the one room rental flat. Where they complain that when there is someone dead in the house- no one knows till the smell comes.How to solve the problem? Do we have Someone to constantly check in to take attendance? Will it work? For the rental rooms, for1 month they pay $26 for the one room rental. These Older generation cannot blend into Singapore fast economy and have seem to lose the belonging - should training be given. Will it help? Bought in the 1930s. These group needs Education on identifying food expiry-which are in English. Neighborhood. Ownership.

Also on elderly abuse - How can we help?

And the first time I have seen this. A detector for the elderly when they are in need. It will supposedly flash the unit number when someone in the unit pushes a certain button in their house and someone from the community can rush up and help. A very good idea I would think.

Then we also visited the house which Adrian lim used to stay;Adrian lim supposedly murder a number of children and dump their bodies in his house Toa payoh 07-46.
Toa Payoh Ritual Murders

And also for the thefts that happen at night. Centralized void deck policepost opens from 12noon to 11pm and the Thefts always happen afterthat. Who else can help. It is not just the policemen. It is us, the community near them.

And the last thought:
Everybody. Somebody. Anybody. Nobody. Everyone point fingers but actually anybody can do it.

After the heritage tour, we made our way to Sam museum to view the Singapore yellow ribbon project art exhibition- drawings and potteries done by inmates were on display. Really deep thought art work!
Yellow Ribbon Community Art Exhibition
Date: 9 to 25 Sep 2011
Time: 10am to 7pm – Monday to Sunday
10am to 9pm - Friday
Venue: Singapore Art Museum (SAM)

The drawings and potteries really made me think about life and about 2nd chances. Being at a wrong place at a wrong time, Being in the wrong company, Being born into a messy family, Just committing a mistake once - and now wanting to make amendments with their family and society, yet few wants to give them chances. Of course, with articles featuring how some of the companies who were 'betrayed' yet I believe there are also many stories whom were successes. If only we give them a chance.
Have we not also committed mistakes in our lives, though not to the point of being convicted and into prison, yet I am sure through every mistake, when we get forgiven or when we get another chance, it is a treasure.

And ending the day was the dissolution of the 10th term yec who has done so much for the nee soon neighborhood (and the thanking speech by MP Lee Bee Wah) and the introduction of the new 11th term yec. We will all be supporting you all. Cheers !

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